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    1. Bot is great as usual! Just wanted to give a heads up on an issue. If you're at abby demons and a gargoyle attacks you, the bot will just sit there with prayer on until you run out of prayer pots. You can't attack gargoyles if you aren't on task. So you'd have to add in some sort of if/than statement if being attacked by a gargoyle on an abby demon task, to run away/world hop.
    2. Awesome script so far! Ran it 24 hours with 7 hours of breaks and got over 1m xp total and 2m gp. Only issue i've ran across is during my spiritual creature assignment, it gets stuck in edgeville trying to cross the wilderness ditch. It got stuck 3 times even after resets. I eventually just clicked the ditch, and it resumed the script. So i'm thinking their may be some sort of issue with the script identifying the wilderness ditch and correct location to click Edit: Upon arrival at the spiritual creatures, it teleported back to the G.E. and got stuck again. I'm going to go ahead and skip this assignment as it may need an update. It just sits in the same spot right before (east of) the bridge hopping worlds. Bonus Update: After disabling spiritual creatures, I've gotten well over 1m slayer xp in a few days. The rest of the script runs pretty flawless!
    3. I've ran this from 13 to 57 farming in just a couple days. Pretty flawless. It sometimes doesn't buy items at the GE since they don't always sell, but other than that it runs flawlessly.
    4. Awesome script so far! My only issue is that when I run out of Earth talisman's, it tries to buy them at the GE for 300 each, but they're almost 600 each so they won't buy. Also, tries to buy Earth runes for 1 gp each when they sell for 4 gp each. Other than that, it runs flawlessly if I buy the items myself
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