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    1. Thank you very much! After copying the pom.xml from you and editing it to fit my project it now builds it with dependencies I can now send http stuff to my server^^
    2. After editing my pom.xml the file size at least changed from: ~1.3kb to: ~9.2kb
    3. Hello im kinda new to java development. Im trying to send a POST to my Server via HTTP. I included the apache.org httpclient libraries in my project with maven: I can compile the Artifact and start it in dreambot but i get the following error message in the console: This is my JavaClass: I followed closely the Guide for Scripters. I can build and run the Script without the external Libraries (and without the code lines that use those external libs). I also tried including the Libraries in the Project Structure thing: and als
    4. relleum

      Wet Quests

      Hey nice script! I was noticing when I start Goblin Diplomacy it takes out too less GP from the bank. I sadly dont know what exactly went wrong but it bought one of the dyes and then tried to buy the other one for around 900gp but only had like 600gp in the inventory other than that all working quests worked flawlessly (didnt tested below ice mountain yet )
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