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    1. Is there any way to get extended support? not for the all in one Script just for the boss part? @SubCZ I will pay you for your work! I hope we can solve this thing
    2. 1) Hey, i cant see the other post in your thread im sorry but when i try it not shows up for me. 2) Just check the 06.aug.2021 i send you a bunch of logs with errors. 3) Im sorry this is true, i had some medical issues and was not rly able to do anything on the PC 4) True my fault 5) 1:23:30: [SCRIPT] Not authorized! Current user: User: THEBOMB i just get this error when i start the script this i why i thought you block me. (it work and after 3-4h later when i try it again i got this, this is why i was giga piss that you dont have to time to answer me but block me from using the script) 6) i can also provide the full log. Pls look at your msg from the 14 aug 2021 You can use this to force it to do vorkath for now until I tested it more [19:05] And yes it is true i want you to do Nightmare and still want it like i mention above you are a great coder but maybe you can say me why you wont replay to any of my msg´s? Hopefully we find a way to handle this. I also try to talk to you so i had not open this thread, i even ask a mod if he can hide it from other users because i dont want to "bash" you in any way.
    3. Bought a Script from @SubCZwith the follow conditions: Private script sale: All in one gold farm (including all content from the forum thread + GUI) Price: $600 Payment method: LTC Address: <redacted> Conditions: - No resale - Authed to one DreamBot account (TheBomb) - Not exclusive After he got the money i got a script with some errors so i report them and he say he will fix it and also will add a GUI. In the end he fix some things but its still has many bugs and i never got the GUI that he talked about, also he block me from using the script now and refuse to answer. I dont know what i can do other than report this. Hopefully we found a solution. I offer him also to pay for the answer why he wont answer me. I really really hope someone can help me to communicate with him, he is a great coder this is a fact but i also want to have at least a answer, i mean when he is bussy or something else happen in his life he may can respond with a i will help you out later right now it is not possible. EDIT: I edit the post because when i post this i was upset and post it in Rage. I dont want bad blood with Sub or any other user.
    4. Hey, i keep getting this error, can you maybe help me out There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance. OK
    5. Nice Script would like to see more random mouse movement but for free its +++
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