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    1. No they don't since they're socks5, you'd need http proxy for account creation.
    2. Nioce, this is really cool! Thank you.
    3. The truth is that everything that's public is bound to be a bit more detectable since it's ben used a lot. Generally if you want something that will last, you're better to go for the premium or the private one.
    4. Like cloakd said, also next ban is gonna be a perm. I wouldn't bot on this account anymore, tested it myself and it won't survive another botting session. If you really feel like botting an account and play on it, I suggest you make an alternate account every time you experience a two day ban, cause after that it's pretty much gg if you bot again on it.
    5. I just found your post, what an insane project! I can't imagine how much time you've put in this, i'm eager to try it!
    6. I would consider taking V. I. P for having access to that if that can make the idea go up to the devs 🙏
    7. Thanks, i had the same problem, life saver!
    8. Hey! I just found out you can make your own proxies using google cloud service and PuTTY if you're running on Windows, you might want to try that! All you need to do is create a SSH tunnel through the vm instance on google cloud and your own machine, which will act as your own proxy!
    9. I would say DreamBot 4 when?
    10. Libra12

      yen or triss?

      Sorry but I prefer Gingers
    11. Hi, the name's Libra! Some might already know me from another platform, but I'm completely new here! So, I'm 26 years old, currently studying Computer Science in Quebec. I have been writing some basic scripts in the past, but I see DreamBot has an opportunity to improve my skills. What I really like about this place is how many tutorials and variety it has in addition to its helpful community! I really hope I can be of assistance to some and learn from the best here! Anyway, nice to meet you, everyone! Libra
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