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    1. Thanks for your reply, but I need help to get from the bank to the area where I need to continue thieving.
    2. @vopek, thank you! I believe that's what I've been looking for!
    3. Hi everyone, I am making a thieving bot, but I had some issues. I couldn't figure out how to close my bank. but then I realised that I can also use the minimap to walk to the wanted location and that closes the bank automaticly. But I can't just figure out how to use the tiles/coordinates. Can anyone help?
    4. @TheCloakdOne, thank you for your quick respond. I have seen an awnser like yours somewhere else, but I can't figure out what you mean with the rectangle widget. Do you mean the I have to use the big rectangle widget that is around the leather that I want to trade, for example black d'leather? I can show ony screenshots because osrs is under maintenance...
    5. Hi, I am currently making my first script and I wanted to make a tanner script. But when te bot clicks on the tanner to "trade", but when the widget pops up the cursor won't click on the widget I have selected. I know I have found the right widget but I don't now how to fix this. Is there a kind person out here who can help me overcome this problem?
    6. Do you have a date/month in mind of when this program is available for users? Cause I really want to start writing my scripts, but I do not understand the totorials I have seen so far
    7. Wow this looks awesome. Really nice! This is could be a big game changer for the scipt wirters. Both positive and negative. This will make writing scripts so much easier! But because it get less complicated there will most likely be more people to write scripts. That will mean that the amount of costumers buying these bots will decrease. Still though, it looks real clean! Nice job!
    8. Hey everyone! I am planning to start scripting soon. But while doing some research I found that there is a Dreambot 3. So my question is: Which versions API should I use? The Dreambot 3 API or should I use the older API?
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