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    1. Many accounts been banned, including one of my and luckily got my rec account appealed. I just want your opinion on when do you think it will be safe to bot again? Last night I tested made a new account with poxies and VPN and it got banned by morning, Jagex with prime month is going on a ramage right now.
    2. I got lucky and appealed my rev bot at 98 range im not even gonnna try for a month, lol
    3. what do you recommend i use?
    4. My main account got banned for alching for only 1 hour... Then my rev account got banned in 3 hours Made a brand new account last night played 2 hours combat 23 woke up just now banned, idk whats up but accounts being banned like crazy im gonna break on botting for now this is crazy. Also I never botted over night.
    5. alright sorry guys i was just afraid of losing dreambot
    6. my client isnt working all it does is stay on the loading game but it doesnt load just stays on there , ive been with dreambot for years now hope this can be fixed i tried deleting the client re downloading, restarting my pc nothing works
    7. my client isnt loading either
    8. im running it and at first it was perfect but now it logs me out all of a sudden half way through the night idk why
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