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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. The money is refunded, I am unable to work on the lava dragon script or update my scripts on the SDN (remove them please) due to real life problemos.
  2. Lyuda


    Upvoted can I get a trial please?
  3. Fixed I have reuploaded it, hopefully it will be up by tomorrow.
  4. Hi, I asked using the chatbox for a graphic designer, I was (and still am) looking for a graphic designer to make me a costum paint for a couple of scripts I am working on. A user on dreambot called "C1OWnISBoS" private messaged me on 3 different platforms (chatbox whisper, dreambot messages/mail, and discord) and offered to make me a graphic and linked his portofolio. All messages where very upfront and he also sent a duplicate dreambot message/email 2 minutes after I did not reply. With a quick look into his portofolio I decided to decline his offer, I told him I wont be needing his services. I delete the messages to keep my inbox tidy etc. A minute later I get badmouthed in the chatbox and find that C1OWnISBoS left a negative trader review on my profile although we never 'traded' anything. I understand getting declined sucks and I dont mind him sharing his opinions about me (however negative) in the chatbox but the negative trader review should only be used for transactions etc. I am unable to upload any files to this post since the max file size is 0.02MB but a quick look on my profile or in the DB chatbox will clarify what im talking about. Im not gonna reccomend any course of action I just want the falsetrader review to be re-evaluated. Thanks in advance, Lyuda
  5. Hi, thanks a lot for using my script. I'm glad you like it. As for the hiccups, I am still updating the script regularly so if you can contact me on discord and provide the log I will fix it
  6. Yeah, in that case the only solution I can think of is to use the message listener. Someone is making a muling script 😜
  7. 😕 unfortunate, although for now, I can think of some ways around this. One would be to check for the combat time to negate the short incombat status you referred to like so. if (getLocalPlayer().getCombatTime() > x && getLocalPlayer().isInCombat()) { } or just simply check if the trade window is open in case the problem is that your player is incombat whilst trading. if (getLocalPlayer().isInCombat() && !getTrade().isOpen()) { } or in case its just the message that procs isInCombat to be true use the advanced message listener described in this thread:
  8. I also noticed this. The Name, ID and Tile are all correct tho so I never really bothered looking for a fix.
  9. 'latest java' is your problem, you need java 8 installed to run the client The latest version of Java is Java 14 or JDK 14
  10. Jewellery exchanger This bot is a f2p bot that sells jewellery in Port Sarim to Grum in Grum's gold exchange shop. It makes upwards of 300k per hour but this is a competitive money making method so it is best to do it on off times. This bot supports all items that are able to be sold in Grum's shop. If you want the bot to also visit member worlds for much more profit, contact me on discord (Lyuda#2821) for a free version of the script with member worlds in it 😛 Functionality: Is able to sell: Gold ring Sapphire ring Emerald ring Ruby ring Diamond ring Gold necklace Sapphire necklace Emerald necklace Ruby necklace Diamond necklace Gold amulet Sapphire amulet Emerald amulet Ruby amulet Diamond amulet Switches to f2p worlds Only sells items up untill the point where it does not make profit anymore Skips worlds if the Grum's shop stock is full //(Stops bot when all items in inventory are sold) <- removed in the latest update, was causing bugs Instructions: Start the bot inside of Grum's gold exchange shop in Port Sarim Have any or multiple of the supported items in your inventory (noted works too) For max profit buy all items in bulk and keep them noted in your inventory Screenshots:
  11. I have another 5 lying around, wanna buy them off me :p?
  12. What price do you have in mind per account?
  13. smth i threw together :)) its not good but u get the idea randomswitch = randomNum(1,100); if (randomswitch >= 50) { log("walking to random location"); getWalking().walk(new Tile(randomNum(3215, 3220), randomNum(3236, 3241))); sleep(randomNum(150000,300000)); }else if (randomswitch < 50) { if (randomswitch <= 17) { log("Talking with magic tutor"); npc = getNpcs().closest("Magic combat tutor"); npc.interact("Talk-to"); }else if (randomswitch > 17 && randomswitch <= 32) { log("Talking with melee tutor"); npc = getNpcs().closest("Melee combat tutor"); npc.interact("Talk-to"); }else if (randomswitch > 32 && randomswitch <= 49) { log("Talking with combat tutor"); npc = getNpcs().closest("Ranged combat tutor"); npc.interact("Talk-to"); } sleep(randomNum(150000,300000)); } I also attached a file with a .jar file with this script in it in case u dont know what any of this means. Just download the file and put it in Users>*USERNAME*>Dreambot>Scripts. its real shit so enjoi it, i also fked around a little with the GUI and paint because im still learning and wanted to try it out. stayonline.jar
  14. Im looking forward to it
  15. Maybe something like this could work? if (!getEquipment().contains(amulet -> amulet.getName().contains("Amulet of glory("))) { getBank().withdraw("Amulet of glory(6)", 1); sleep(randomNum(500,1000)); getInventory().interact("Amulet of glory(6)","Wear"); } This obviously does not include the part where you walk to the bank and open it but the IF statement is really all you need. I would do the whole thing as a state/ case maybe, case GETNEWAMULETOFGLORYPLSS: TP to bank location walk to bank interact with bank get new amulet of glory :) break; ------ if (!getEquipment().contains(amulet -> amulet.getName().contains("Amulet of glory("))) { state = State.GETNEWAMULETOFGLORYPLSS; } I havent tested any of this, am on a shitty laptop rn so excuse me if its not perfect 😛
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