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  1. Version 1.1 Released Option to hop when crashed in GUI Fix not working when you choose 4 traps even with 80+ hunter and can do 5 Now only detects a crash when you can't place a trap or try to pick up someone else Happy hunting!
  2. Hi, thanks for the suggestions. Dynamic trap placement when getting crashed and not hopping is something I'm working on in the background trying to figure out the best way to do it. I can make it so that it only hops when you detect that someone else's trap is where one of yours should be instead of just a player being too close. Good idea! The world hopping feature is supposed to be optional but I may have accidentally not checked if it's disabled when deciding to hop hehe.. will look into this. Thanks again Edit: I have now added the option to disable hopping when crashed, it will also not hop if someone is in your area, only if it can't place/pickup traps.
  3. Thanks for the tips! I am still concerned about the actual path generation, but these will certainly help with how to actually apply any custom behaviour to the interaction
  4. I'd like to try my hand at creating a custom mouse movement algorithm for dreambot to use to move the mouse to an AbstractMouseDestination. If anyone has any tips, advice, or resources I could look at that would point me in the right direction for tackling this task it would be greatly appreciated! It would be great to be able to customise some characteristics of mouse pathing/movement, such as overshooting, sway, acceleration, accuracy, so I could try to mimick a particular playstyle or pick movements based on the context of the interaction, for example the difference between afk skilling and panicking when bossing. Thanks, Succulent
  5. Step 1: Add this method to your main class to return Image objects from a URL: private Image getImage(String url) { try { return ImageIO.read(new URL(url)); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return null; } Step 2: Create an Image property to store the image using this method: private final Image paintBackground = getImage("https://i.imgur.com/Muw7swQ.png"); Step 3: Draw the image using graphics in onPaint: if (paintBackground != null) { g.drawImage(paintBackground, 30, 316, null); } Sources:
  6. A staggering 94 Hour runtime submitted by a user. Insane, almost 50m made!
  7. Firstly, thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot. I highly doubt using 3t methods affects ban rate, it'll have the same risk as any other form of botting. You can improve your odds by taking regular breaks (since its an intense activity and nobody can do it for hours on end with no fatigue), and only botting for a few hours every day. DreamBot has built-in breaks, so you can use those, but do note that my bot doesn't support picking up traps before it goes on break (yet). I was not aware of the random event issue, and I'll look into a way around that, or to dismiss them manually. Thanks for the feedback, if you have any other suggestions/issues don't hesistate to post here, or contact me through PM/discord.
  8. He is referring to a type of GameObject that is a graphic/animation that can spawn, do an animation, and disappear. You can debug different types of GameObjects via RuneLite's dev tools. For example, there is a GameObject (like a bank booth), GroundObject (floor decorations, these will usually be un-interactable/examinable and have no name), and GraphicsObject (a graphic that spawns and may do an animation and disappear). Take this image, it has both GameObjects and GroundObjects. The flowers (daisies) is a GameObject. You can right-click and see the name and examine it. They may also block stuff like hunter traps: The grass and stones on the path are GroundObjects, they are an object separate to the map terrain but you can't examine them and usually don't cause collisions: Finally, what this topic is about, the GraphicsObjects. In this picture you can see the silver sickle bloom spell creates graphics objects around me that animate briefly and disappear: To answer the original question, I'm not sure the API directly supports a distinction between the types of objects. However, there might be ways around this, for example a GameObject with a name of "null" in its definition could well be a GroundObject. As for GraphicsObjects, there might be other properties that make it stand out, but I'm not quite sure how you'd access them. Try logging some properties of different GameObjects you know the type of and see if you can find any patterns.
  9. Appreciate the heads up. Where can I find out about which areas may be affected?
  10. Then you are more than welcome to pay for a begging script on the SDN that supports F2P!
  11. Not currently, but I'm working on some additions that may include F2P support.
  12. Nice & simple guide. I'm sure it'll help some newcomers start setting breaks properly from the get-go. Remember to update this when DB3.0 comes out in case the UI layout changes
  13. Welcome to DB! That multi-tasking script looks pretty cool. Good luck on going for Scripter status and I hope you enjoy your time here
  14. It can be a variety of factors. It could be the script, for example if it got stuck repeating the same action over and over. But if you only ran it for ~2 hours a day I'm not sure. It could also have something to do with how you're setting up any proxies, using VPNs, etc. The script might be fine but if it has lots of users it will increase the chance of ban especially if it does everything the same way for every user.
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