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  1. Hello! New guy here, would love to trial and support if it works for me!
  2. I planned to just edit my original post but didnt see a way to. If someone can fill me in Ill edit the original later. So one week give or take. Work kept me crazy busy so not as much done as i would have liked. Here is where I got so far So where am I at now? - Almost finished CA Java course - Downloaded and got Intellij working on my MAC after jumping through hoops - Got client working on my MAC after jumping through hoops ( a common them) - Went through lots of the tutorial vids - Went through Nezz's vid and set up a very simple miner script. My first script!!! It just sits at one rocks and mines but its the first step. Whats next? - Try some more basic scripts (Wood cutting, attacking chickens, attacking goblins, picking up cowhides/bones, fishing) - Finish up basic Java course - Start expanding slowly on my miner script - Play my main more (im actually pretty new to RS. My highest skill is ranged at 20 lol) to understand more of the game. My next focus is more scripting, getting things rolling and going from there. I an worry about multi account and scaling now but now I gotta learn more scripting, learn the API and keep learning. Will try and update in a week!
  3. Im totally new to the world of bots and scripts but It has lit a fire in me in my desire to make some cool shit and get some money! I have experience in IT world so programming/scripting arent completely new but not something I do alot (Im more sysadmin/networking). Ive studied a few langauges syntax, done simple projects but tod o list bore the shit out of me. When I started reading about botting and seeing some scripts something just clicked. Just being able to see what I work on...work has me excited. My main goal is to gain knowledge, get some passible scripts then make a good script I would be happy to run or sell. Making some cash via botting is a sidegoal but the idea of fully automating a farm has me inspired too. Don't think a daily update would be fun but a weekly one would be awesome. I have a full time IT job so I cant devote all my time to this but its my nights and weekend project. Day 0 This will include all the stuff Ive done up till now. I spent the first two weekends reading everything I could. I googled Bots, VPS, Proxies, scripting, Java. Every blog post I found I read up on. I went and read alot of the bot client forums, joined lots of discords and made a few contacts. I made a small note of everything I needed. I kept comparing prices and clients and realized the best thing I could do was just get started. I've always had business ideas but never actually put them to the test so I didn't want fear to stop me from another idea! If your proxy sucks or you dont like the client? You can always change them! I tried to set up a small machine in an enterprise environment but it was a huge PITA and the windows license were expensive (but now i know I can do linux so have to test with that) but after talking with a discord contact it seemed simple enough to do on my machine just the inital 2-3 bots I wanted to use for testing. So where am I at now? - I have a proxy with a few ips - Im running on my local laptop since I just wanted to do 2-4 bots for practice - I downloaded and decided to stick with dreambot client for now - I created a few accounts and their info and storing it all in a spreadsheet for tracking. Whats next? - Walk my accounts by hand through tutorial island and finish up some quest on all of them then let them rest - Watch some basics on scripts and copy them and then start trying basic scripts - Finish Code Academy Java course to get syntax then run through Hyperskill - Take notes and see how this goes.
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