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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I haven't been anywhere near the forum recently I've been having some real issues and success in real-life furthermore forwarding my life with my job as a mixologist or another fancy way of saying a cocktail mixer and on top of that been currently struggling through a break up with a girlfriend and also with some serious issues to do with some friends who also dabble with mental illness and I just need a release my birthday is in 4 days and feel like I have honestly too much on my shoulders for an 18 year old as my friend attempted the other week and including the whole situation of my ex girlfriend who keeps randomly popping into my life with her business that I just try to disclose and not care about such as her use of drugs etc. but I am back and I'm going to be updating my tutorial on scripting and I'm going to be updating and uploading more scripts for you hungry people out there and now that I have a little money in my pocket I am currently thinking about buying VIP just currently hoping for the mirroring method has came out for the bot if someone can tell me please dm me about it cause I would love to know if it is truly worth it !
  2. Updates are coming shortly so it is more efficent and Different snakeskin armour types.
  3. Forgot to Overrides damn it aha one sec refix edit: Done it and added the capitals I don't know why I honestly forgot that.
  4. Yes I know I didn't mean to do that as noticed by the Script having a Capital but I'll resolve it on the Next update I know JavaScript is just all text and Java code needs to be recompiled had that argument with a guy on Armedunity website a unity game based website so I've basically contridicted myself by writing Javascript in stead of Java RIP
  5. So the reason I am posting this tutorial guide is because I still get a comments and PM's on the daily people asking how to do specific things so I thought i'd create the post clearing up the basics and other API's just so you new scriptwriters have something to refer back to, and it's also interesting thing to work on in my spare time. Also this hopefully cuts down the use of the support guide by meshing everything into one thread if you have any feed back also please leave it below it would benefit me on what to add on in the long run etc. Firstly to start off this tutorial we've got to explain how to setup the work space for you to begin coding your scripts, this is often really easy if you have setup the script once before but if not this could be found as a tedious and difficult task, most people that I know who are on this thread use one of two things: - IntelliJ: Download Link - Eclipse: Download Link These programs are classed as Java IDE's if you have never coded before in your life I suggest learning the basics and coming back to this thread you can learn Java on the internet these days just by the click of a button so I recommend doing so before installing ONE of these programs. What is an IDE and what does it do? The most blatant and easiest way to explain what an IDE is it's a program that helps you code your programs with multiple integrated actions such as Auto corrector, Error Finders, Text finder and other things to aid you while you begin to script / code. IDE also stands for Integrated Development Environment if you were ever wondering if I have gone in enough detail you can learn more about it on the wiki page here: - IDE Wiki Link Installing IntelliJ: Installing IntelliJ IDE on your computer is simple, navigate to the website link I have left above: Click The Download that the red arrow is pointing to, to download the IntelliJ IDE If you are needing to change extension because of whatever reason you are not using windows or other operating systems that support the .exe extension you can choose it to your main supported file extension here! You can then open the file the and run the setup the same way you would with any other program found on the internet that you have installed. Install Eclipse IDE: The Eclipse IDE is a tiny bit more complicated but still rather easy to understand, Click on the link above and you will be navigated to this web page here: You can download the launcher here and then just run it like every other setup! The other Packages supporting different Operating Systems can be found at the "Download Packages" link, The installers can be found here: You then open the setup and run the installer when you get to the page of packages install the Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers which can be found here: Click the Install and Leave it to Install but also Agree to the TOS that usually shows half way through the installation! after that start up the Eclipse IDE and create a work space and either choose your file path or just leave it how it is and create it and leave it to load the IDE. In here is all you need to know about setting up your scripts as it this is one of the most vital parts about your scripts as it implements the Dream bot API: Right-Click on the Package Explorer hover over the new and click the "Java Project" you will be greeted with a GUI with a bunch of features but don't be worried by it. This is going to be the main area where you are going to make your script Choose a name for your folder of your script and click finish. Once we have done this we need to Reference the Dream bot Client.jar because that's what holds the API scripts and methods etc. we do this by right clicking on the newly made java project and go down to build path and hover over it and click on "Add External Archives" then find the client.jar on the Dream bot this is found in the C:/users/(ComputersName)/DreamBot/BotData/Client.jar And now we need to make a Class in the src package of our Java Project we do this by doing it the same way as we added the Java project Folder in the First place by right clicking on the Src and hover over new and click on Class and give it a name like "Main" or something and then click Finish. This will give you a new view on the middle of your screen with some text looking like this public class YourScriptsName { } We want to change this to access the API Scripts we do this by extending it to a Dream bot Abstract script, Replace your code with this. import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; public class Main extends AbstractScript { } If you are using IntelliJ I followed this Youtube video by a member on the Website if anyone knows who he is I'll give him a Shout out on the thread for the video! We can now get to Scripting! Firstly We also want to add a Category Manifest at the top of our script just to explain the name of the person who made the script and what the script does and what version is it on and so on and so fourth, we can resolve this but add the top of your script above the main class file add this: @ScriptManifest(author = "Poly", name = "Potato Picker", version = 2, description = "This script helps you pick potatoes.", category = Category.MAGIC) This will be placed just above where we implemented the Dream bot API like this: import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; @ScriptManifest(author = "Change-this-to-your-name", name = "Change-to-name-of-your-script", version = 2, description = "Change-to-description-of-what-your-bot-does!", category = Category.MONEYMAKING) public class Main extends AbstractScript { } The script category can be changed at the end to any skill you want you can find these scripts by backspacing all the letters just past the period and then re-add the period it will show you all general categories your script can be about! we also need to add the imports: import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; At the top of your script where the Abstract Script import is. We also need to add some public voids into our script we add them but just typing in between the two parenthesis that is found on Main Extends Abstract Script like so: import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; @ScriptManifest(author = "Change-this-to-your-name", name = "Change-to-name-of-your-script", version = 2, description = "Change-to-description-of-what-your-bot-does!", category = Category.MONEYMAKING) public class Main extends AbstractScript { @Override public void onStart() { } @Override public int onLoop() { return 600; } @Override public void onExit() { } } The Public int onLoop() HAS to have return 600; (or any other amount) in it because it's a public int which is unlike all the other voids We now need to add a log on when the script started in the OnStart() method to explain in the debug console that the Script has started we do this by adding: public void OnStart() { log("Script has now Started!"); } I also like to add a little flare to my log scripts just because I can like this: public void onStart() { log("-----------------------PolyAutoScript----------------------"); log("Starting PolyAutoScript Script..."); log("The script is currently in it's Early Release!"); log("So if there is any bugs I recommend posting them to"); log("The PolyAutoScripter Thread, Thank you!"); log("------------------------------------------------------------------"); } But that is your own choice if you do so or not. We also can add one on the OnExit() method this can explain when the script is ending or stopping in the Debug Console we do this like this: public void onExit() { log("----------------------------------------------------"); log(" Stopped PolyAutoScript..."); log("----------------------------------------------------"); } I also fancied mine up like this because of the blatant fact of cause I can in this one. from here is where we started coding whatever script we are doing, I am not going to code a full script in this thread I am just going to add how to add API's in-depth such as auto casting or how to use widgets etc. this will help guide you through without issues hopefully on how to use them. I will Implement a lot more shortly! If you are planning on making private scripts to bot heavily I recommend buying a private proxy as if you bot with your account on a day to day basis you will be found and banned and if you are not using one of these proxies your IP will be flagged and it is never nice knowing that the Jagex team are checking up on your new accounts ensuring you are a botter equalling in faster bans on different accounts. I am going to enter two methods of getting proxies to help ensure longer account survival and less chance of your IP getting logged. Method #1: You can buy multiple proxies from different websites really cheaply over the internet what we are looking for is a IPV4 SOCKS Proxy for the proxy to work on Dream bot and mostly other bots if you are using those - which I highly recommend sticking to Dream bot for that premium beauty shout-out Dreambot Aha - You can buy these proxies at websites like: Proxy6.net These are nice cheap proxies with good ping times meaning you won't ensure a lot of lag in your botting times you can also get a percentage off using the referral code: "Eduardino" For 5% off your purchases from the botting Youtuber: Eduardino I recommend you watch for all your botting needs! Method #2: This one is a little more in-depth so you are better off focusing on buying a proxy instead but if you don't have the money to buy one you can always use this method here: 1. Go To the Website: Google Console Developers 2. Create a new Account on the page 3. Create a New Project once in your account 4. Once that is complete you can create a VPS by going on the side menu and clicking "Compute" then VM instances 5. Choose the region close to you! 6. Make sure you select 13GB 2 Core Processor. Which can be found here: Screenshot Link 7. Then wait a Minute or 2 as the VM instance creates itself. 8. Then click "Connect RDP" Button 9. Wait a Couple of seconds and once you are connected go to Internet Explorer and Download Firefox as it has no Security Options or Disable the Internet Security Options on the Internet Options Tab on the Browser and then Install Java and the DreamBot Launcher and use it like normal. This will have a new IP and one that cannot be traced back to you, you can also use this method to run RSPS's and other methods as it is a free VPS all you need it you Credit Card Details (It won't Automatic Charge you after Trial is up) this should give you a few months of botting time until you redo the process to get it for free again at a later date. I hope that was easy enough to understand for you guys!
  6. Thank you may come in hand in the near by future -> bookmarked
  7. I'll pay 450k cause why not
  8. Click here for script on SDN! The script supports benefits of making Gold & Experience at the Grand Exchange! Features: - Crafts Snake Skin's into snake skin boots at a fast rate! - Grand Exchange (GE) Supported with walking script - a Anti-Ban has been implemented at the best of my abilities! Start-Up: - Have Threads and Needles in your inventory but have the Snakeskin in the bank. - I recommend standing in the Grand Exchange just in case the walker script doesn't work perfectly as planned! - Run with Breaks just for extra precaution. Paint / GUI The script will have Active Support and Fixes and Refactoring in the near future, If you have any issues with the script once released PLEASE Shoot me a PM The Script will have new features incoming like different hides and even Jewellery later in the release, for anyone who gives me support on the project Thank you so much I appreciate it as I've been viewing few multiple threads and the Dream bot API to get this up and working so thank you!
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