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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
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  1. Still selling? Interested in buying major bulk
  2. Experiencing an issue where tabs try and load gamepack and the osrs loading bar shows up for about a frame and then the gamepack goes completely black. Starting a script in this state causes it to get stuck solving random: login. Sometimes it only happens to one or two tabs and making new ones fixes, sometimes practically every tab loads this way making the client literally unusable
  3. Nevermind I'm retarded it's due to logging into too many at the same time
  4. It doesn't consistently happen when loading a single account but I believe it has happened. It certainly seems to happens more if opening multiple tabs and starting them in a short time frame but I have also seen it happen when logging to the game at a more reasonable speed
  5. I'm constantly getting slammed with a ton of Invalid Cache errors despite having no previous jagexcache on my system AND always running fresh start. Have to restart the client way too many times every single day for it to stop. I'm running latest client as I always use the launcher and I'm running latest Java 8. This happens on multiple machines too.
  6. What a fuckin post, i feel this on at least 12 levels
  7. If theres a way i could acquire a copy of this too id be more than willing to play with it and test it out
  8. Those accounts will be under more scrutiny and i wouldnt recommend botting them any longer. you 100% can and may get away with it but its a big risk if you care about them as 100% your next offense will be a perm. Pertaining to you comments about the tons of bots you see around the game, a lot of them are banned and just restocked or use some really crafty methods to ensure that they can exist for a LONG time (such as automatic account rotation).
  9. Sure hit me with a PM whenever. I'd be happy to hear what your experiences were to see if your experience matches a hypothesis i may have about it.
  10. I figured, that makes sense. Did some testing today and right after running this script every account on that network (even ones not connected to mule script) got banned about 3 minutes later. Not really blaming you just thought that was weird
  11. If I leave the mule account sat right next to where the slaves would be operating would it work properly or is it necessary to be at a bank
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