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  1. Are you near wild or PVP world? i have seen it sometimes not resume the script after muling but was very rare. Unless in wild or pvp world. And yes that slave thing happens when u accidentally connect to many slaves, and the only way to fix it is to shut EVERY client down and start again, as for mule not giving slave what it should, or not accepting trades, that is something to do with you, it is not a known issue
  2. lol stop spamming, the reason you have 7 slaves and only 5 is because you didnt close all clients down, and yes this is the only reason the mule does not log out, its waiting for the other 2 slaves. I suggest working with the script a little longer as it does work, has very few minor bugs, (does not like PVP / wilderness) and deposits anything the mule gives back, other then that it works and it is you or the script you are running.
  3. i honestly don't think you can get banned, as ive seen many trials denied because they have used them on another account. The scripter will know if you have used a trial or not, no matter what account you are on, that being said it might be against the rules? people might be trying to make multiple accounts to use multiple tabs without VIP
  4. It is definitely just you, you need to drag the client out from the corner, (make it larger)
  5. In short, @factivo, you already have VIP
  6. Sounds like manly tutorial is the script you want, i think i misunderstood, i thought u were trying to either make this script or get it made for you. Hence why i said it was hard
  7. Yes there is, its called manly tutorial, it creates accounts, completes tutorial, and even has options for after that
  8. This is harder then you think, and as said there is already a very nice script for this, account creators are very complex and require captcha / proxies / tracking. If you make an account off a proxy (which you have to) because if you make more then 3 in 24 hours off same IP they will be all flagged, you will need to make sure u play from that proxy, same for every account
  9. Would love to mate ! Will pay for your time !!!
  10. Guys im very new to scripting but been looking / editing scripts for the better part of 16 years and its coming to me easy, only thing is i don't even feel the will to bother getting really good unless i can get automated muling, much like green scripts, or hashtags muler (integrated into the script ofcourse). If anyone knows how to do this or where i can get info to start to learn this, i will happily pay for you're time. @Hashtag @GreenTruck
  11. Yeah pretty sure mac's have a program that lets you install windows, it comes on the mac, no need to dowload
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