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  1. Didn't close the clients? are you kidding me? There were only 6 clients open, 5 slaves and 1 mule. After I closed them twice the glitch stoped. And no, there is not a minor glitches, but pretty big ones...there is only 50% chance that mule will work, sometimes it doesnt give slaves the thing I need or he wont accept trades or, my slaves will spam trade him all the time while he dont do nothing. Maybe he just dont accept my script, I dont know.. sometimes he works fine, other times he doesn't. But the common problem is that after he gives the stuff to my slaves, 3 of them works properly after the trade, but 2 of them freeze and dont do nothing, I cant figure out why, I have to manually turn them back on.
  2. And the main problem is that mule dont log off after he has given all loot, maybe probably that he says that 7 slaves are connected, but I have only 5 connected, dont know why he is saying that. So when he is logged on, he is fucking up the slaves and they dont know what to do Sorry for so many comments, but these are the only problems now.
  3. Now the problem is that they keep trading the mule all the time even when items have already on them, I need to manually press start button so they got back to work, but again a problem, they dont switch back to their worlds
  4. Hey, its a pretty nice script, the problem I get is that when I launch it, its 50/50 chance that it wont work. I tested it with 1 bot and first it didnt work, next time it worked perfectly, later I tested it with 2 bots and the same ishue, mule stands in the bank, but there is no response from slaves, they just keep working, after a reset they worked. Later I tested it with 5 slaves and it failed, 1 slave was just clicking bank and work, bank and work all the time, while other 4 slaves were just working and mule was standing in bank. What could be the problem here? they all are connected everything should work fine.
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