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    1. Same saddly . I had a 168 hour proggy with Auto Soul Wars Pro, good ol' rsbuddy and no bans for members haha came home from a 6 day vacation and it was still running I was laughing so hard so I let it run an extra day to get that week milestone.
    2. Oh yeah I can definitely see why people say intelliJ is better now. I've been using this ever since I first tried, I've used it for java, javascript, python, and C. It doesn't give me headaches with the black background too which is a plus.
    3. People have been asking for this since I've started botting 8 years ago (holy shit I didn't realize it's been that long), in every case I've seen it's increased the ban rate, that being said it could be a fun script for someone to write who's trying to improve their java skills.
    4. Yeah it can be very discouraging at times, I'd never be able to teach myself up to the point where I am now, I've gotten so much help from professors and T.A's along the way but it's definitely a fun major just cause I never got to do anything with computers all throughout general public school. Good idea! I bet a could write a few useful tutorials here and there
    5. I know only a couple of you on here knew I was scripting but I'll say this anyways. I was super busy with work and class but I will finish a really hard class tomorrow that will free up about 30 hours in my week I've also learned a decent bit about C++ since we're finally done learning Java ha. On an unrelated note: I'm thinking of starting a gaming company in the near future!
    6. lawdeedaw

      Learning Java

      Good luck! The key to learning programming is to never feel discouraged, it's going to take you a year or so of working every day until you will be making your own scripts without others help, and even after a year you still will look at code and have just no idea what it means which can be discouraging, as long as you don't give up it's easy good luck again! Incoming "it only took me 2 months to learn you must be dumb" comments haha. Which is another discouraging thing about programming, it can sometimes be hard watching others progress crazy fast. Just know professional programmers (counting professional as grad in computer science/engineering with a job in that field) have spent thousands of hours in the computer lab, they're always there ha. Like four years every days in the computer lab, so it's hard, but anyone can do it!
    7. Oh yeah I gotta fix this still, maybe I'll try this weekend
    8. Did you try to download more RAM? Or generate osrs gold?
    9. lawdeedaw

      Ban Rates

      Yeah that's a guarantee ban. Do some quests first, play the first 24 hours, get membership and then start botting. I.P doesn't matter but it makes people feel safer so you could always change that. Good luck in the future! it's easy not to get banned if you put in a little work, I've been banned once since 07 I've used every client since then, I am a little lucky yes, but there are a lot of ways not to get banned.
    10. economies are all based on reactions, so It will just depend on how the people react to seeing this. If people get scared that quantity is dropping they will start raising prices which will raise the overall price level of gold. It's not like an admin just creates the price index of items, it's all based on the consumers.
    11. Wow good work! Thanks for working hard for us! I like the obstacle walking that's sweet
    12. An entire page of arguing over someones opinion... welcome to the internet haha OT: Good luck with this!
    13. Neat! Might have to switch over to the apparently mightily superior intelliJ.
    14. lawdeedaw


      Just beat every Legend of Zelda game. Yes big deal. Majoras mask was my favorite followed by alttp and Wind Waker, great series gj nintendo. if you guys try all the legend of zelda games it's dangerous to go alone take this with you: ----||:::::::::::::::::>
    15. Haha, yeah I'd be far to scared to drive those puppies off road, although I do want to rip around an open salt field, that'd be mighty fine.
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