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    1. To my knowledge, the script itself will need to access the bank to know what's inside. You manually opening and closing bank before running the script = the script does not know what's in the bank and will just return false. To verify this you can move that snippet from your onStart() to the onLoop(). Once you've started the script enable user input and open & close your bank. Your test should now return true. What are you trying to achieve with this code? It may be easier to check if the Bank contains those items within your bank node instead of the onStart method. So your bank node could have something like: if (Bank.open()){ if (Bank.contains(cookingItem)){ Bank.withdrawAll(cookingItem.getName()); } else { log("No more raw fish, ending script"); return -1; } }
    2. Did you have Menu Manipulation enabled? Seems to get stuck at Draynor Village with Menu Manipulation enabled. No issues when disabled though! Specifically over the below obstacle When Menu Manipulation is enabled, the script will attempt to interact with the NEXT obstacle (Jump Gap) while still in the middle of climbing up the above wall. That eventually times out and the script attempts to interact again, only it tries to interact with the same Wall as before I've been able to recreate this every lap with Menu Manipulation enabled
    3. Mining rocks were renamed since this guide was written - you're code is looking for an object named "Rocks", but all that's nearby are "Copper rocks"
    4. This will be fixed in next Version pushing update now. Going to test it some more now Seems script only worked with Menu Manipulation enabled This is from the SDN version (paint bugged out for some reason so cleaning that up as well)
    5. I needed to get some early cooking levels on several accounts and wanted to do so without needing to trade anything over. This was my solution. This script will Fish and Cook Shrimp/Anchovies in Al Kharid. Requires small fishing net in Inventory to start STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to be 29 combat to avoid the wandering Scorpion from sending you to Lumbridge. Script does NOT support avoiding this scorpion... Progress Reports
    6. Simple script that will cast Teleports, Curse, or Alch (high/low). Supports any combination of the three! I had written this originally with the intentions to do all 3 at once, but modified the script a bit to support doing any combination of the 3. Script will stop when out of runes. NOTE: While the script is free to use it is STRONGLY recommended to have Menu Manipulation enabled if you're doing a combination of spells. This is a VIP feature. Instructions: Progress Reports
    7. https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/methods/interactive/GameObjects.html Recommend looking through the docs, lots of useful information in there GameObject ladder = GameObjects.closest("Staircase");
    8. Bulk Import is a paid feature; you will need to purchase VIP/Sponsor to use it
    9. roflme


      I've been using this to get 10QP on my accounts, overall great script! Usually this is able to complete all 3 quests for me without any issues. I have the most success running this on accounts that already have some stats & playtime. Some issues I've come across: Cooks Assistant - same issue as above . Sometimes it works just fine, but other times it gets stuck repeatedly pulling the hopper lever. If I pause the script, go down, and collect the flour manually it'll continue just fine Romeo & Juliet - Occasionally gets stuck continuing through dialogues. Happens less often than Cooks Assistant issue. Seems to be more common when delivering love letter to Romeo & talking to Apothecary.
    10. There's a lot of variables to when the "too many login attempts" clears. Sometimes the login attempt limit clears within a minutes, other times 10+. Sometimes after a few world hops, other times 20+ hops. Because of this, 20-30 min wait may be a nuisance for some scripts if implemented as a blanket solution (though I'd personally love to see it implemented, but I'm biased as I usually run scripts that hop worlds a lot!) Think you'd be better off writing something yourself to handle waiting that timer out. That way you have control over wait times to find the perfect fit. EDIT: Found this snippet from one of my old scripts, very poorly written lmao but can use as a starting point. I had used gameState to determine if I was at the login screen for too long, and then disabling the login handler & waiting 15 mins if that was the case. public int onLoop() { if (Client.getGameState()==GameState.LOGIN_SCREEN){ //If at login screen BreakT.reset(); //Start break timer this.getRandomManager().enableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); log("Login Enabled"); while (Client.getGameState()!=GameState.LOGGED_IN){ log("Logging in"); if (Client.getGameState()==GameState.LOGGED_IN){ break; } if (BreakT.elapsed()>60000){ log("Login attempts exceeded, waiting 15 minutes"); this.getRandomManager().disableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); sleepUntil(() -> Client.getGameState() != GameState.LOGIN_SCREEN, 900000); //I used sleepUntil because sometimes the login handler would try one last time. It'd end up successfully logging in but then sleeping. This seems to prevent that from happening BreakT.reset(); this.getRandomManager().enableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); } } log("Is it looping?"); } else { this.getRandomManager().disableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); } for (Node node : nodes) { if(node.validate()){ return node.execute(); } } // log("No node valid"); return 200; }
    11. It would be possible, but you can just opt to run a 7qp script and get over the trade restriction in ~30 minutes
    12. Try checking until chicken you're attacking doesnt exist?
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