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  1. I've got a few files that are OP for PK. I added you
  2. You could theoretically log your mouse movements/clicks as well as what skill you're training and then train an AI to train a skill exactly how you do it. I will probably do this once I finish with the PvP AI
  3. Thank you Jagex for adding the LMS mode seemingly just for me!
  4. Atm I'm needing to pull a player object from a character, and the only way I know of getting said object is to cycle through all the players and seeing if their name matches the character name. Is there a better way to pull character from player?
  5. I might post some PvP montages tomorrow once I edit them up
  6. I've been working on a PvP bot seriously for about 2 weeks now and I've mad substantial progress. Has anyone else made a PvP bot or anything similar? I'd love to see it I'm looking for PvP minded people that would want to do stuff like take over rev caves or make a bot amoeba running around in multi add me on Discord: TeamSpeakUser#7559
  7. Why can I not edit my posts? I thought editing was just disabled but I see people edit their posts all the time. It's pretty obnoxious to not be able to spruce up my posts after I've posted them.
  8. It's fixed now. I have no clue at all what the solution was, I re-attempted a proposed solution earlier in the thread and this time it miraculously works. I did not edit the script and I do not know what caused it to work this time. if (getLocalPlayer().getTile().equals(tile1)) { log("TIME IT TOOK REEEE - " + (scriptBT)); }
  9. I'm trying to detect if osrs marks the player as being on the tile before it lines up visually. The if statement at the bottom never returns true despite the cords matching up perfectly. This does not work. The distance to target is always -1.0
  10. This does not work either. if (this.getLocalPlayer().getTile().distance(tile1) < 1) { log("Time - " + (System.currentTimeMillis() - scriptBT + " | Tile " + getLocalPlayer().getTile())); }
  11. The tiles and their values line up perfectly but it's still refusing to be true
  12. if (getLocalPlayer().getTile().equals(tile1)) { log("TIME IT TOOK REEEE - " + (scriptBT)); } Does not work either.
  13. It never hits true for this part even though the tile1 and player tile absolutely line up with the same values. if (getLocalPlayer().getTile() == tile1) { log("TIME IT TOOK REEEE - " + (scriptBT)); }
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