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  1. Title as stated. I Purchased the script last monday. The script did a farm run as described at the locations, and once it reaches the final patch it logs out after picking the herbs, after the 90 Minute sleep period is logs in, rakes and logs out... And its all it does after every login. It does not try to go back to the other two patches. If it atleast had gone back and farmed the other two patches i would have then waited even longer for an update. I have contacted the scripter the first day i noticed this and he said he will push for an update by EOD that monday. I waited, and tried to follow up over the next few days with just ignoring me etc. this is now 6 days later and he still hasn't given me any information or updates. The script is available on the SDN, and personally I don't think a script with these issues should be allowed to be on the SDN.
  2. as the title says id like to request a full refund as his script does not work. He stopped replying to me about fixing the script etc. he said last week the script will be fixed in a day.. so i would tune in for updates where he just ignored me and never did anything about his script. 7804364's Ranarr Farm
  3. Last question 6.99 monthly or life time and is there mule support? Aka can I have a mule sit there giving the bot runners 2500 Ess every few hours?
  4. Does this script fully automate the runner mode? Like I can have 5 runners and 1 RCer and not have to accept manually?
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