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  1. online Discord is all caps
  2. bback to work, been off for gaming.
  3. Please fill this for me: Color theme: Graphic Type: Price: Payment: 07 or PP Agree to TOS: Did you add my Skype: Our Skype name: OPEN tomorrow
  4. thank you. o n l i n e
  5. just curious, this guy can be here with out thread remvoed because you global mod approved this thread, and ill woke up and see msg lily removed your thread. there is rules but some one abusing em? lily?
  6. ADOG

    I want a vip

    So, this forum removed my graphic thread with out warning or reason. i lost 1 or 2 vouch text in a process and lily would transfer the thread if he would know. i want a vip for this kind of mess! You just can't delete thread with out reason!
  7. is this a somekind thing now here or wut the fug and gl for exe on here too
  8. The cost is increased by 50% if you wish to play with the boosters. Coaching 10€ per hour