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    1. Because who doesn't love a beer? Setup: Start with coins to use in the inventory. Note that the bot will stop when there are no more coins in the inventory and each beer costs 3gp. Ideally start in Falador pub or bank If using quickstart, the one and only parameter is the beer type. Ensure it is one of the following enumerations: ["asgarnian", "dwarven", "wizards"] Notes: I don't recommend this method for suicide botters. There are better methods that don't require the initial setup (coins). Frankly you'll just saturate the market and dump the prices of the beers. I recommend this for users who like to casually bot and want to spin up a new account without needing funding from the main. You can get some really good sell prices if you leave the offers overnight on GE. Make sure to check getracker for which beer is fluctuating the most. With 700 beers an hour and an avg sell price of 180, I was able to snag 120k/h. Shoot me a message if you find any bugs.
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    2. yeeter01

      Ban raten

      No way to give you an exact banrate that would be a good answer. Banrates are subject to 100000 factors and no one even knows 10% of them. Covert mode changes how the client operates slightly in varying ways. It has been proven to reduce bans on a number of task, but some types of scripts might not benefit from it as much as others. It's a lot of trail and error but my motto is always better safe than sorry. Tldr: covert mode better most of the time
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    3. yeeter01

      for the love of talos

      Hot take 😛 It was underused imo because DreamBot 2 only supported fixed window and it was cancerous to actually play on. Devs didn't fix that QoL issue until DreamBot 3 and with that upgrade they removed it. At this point there just isn't enough interest or use cases to reimplement it.
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    4. Hashtag

      Requesting Refund

      Refunded to your account credit. In the future, please utilize the free trials for scripts that you might purchase to see if they meet your expectations.
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    5. Thanks brother, works great!
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    6. yeeter01

      for the love of talos

      Sadly this used to be a thing but was quite under used and removed with the update to Dreambot 3.
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    7. Hey, I checked my code and I've made it so that it switches to an operational brazier when the current one goes down if either there are too few players near the current brazier or the brazier has been down for a certain amount of time. 10 people is too many to trigger that condition, as that could mean someone could heal the fallen ally. However, I noticed that the time counter I've set up is faulty. It should wait at maximum for 10 seconds, but that doesn't work in the current version. I'll have that fixed very shortly. Thanks for the bug report 🙂
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