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    1. Defiled

      DreamBot Mouse

      Hi, I don't really think "Human Mouse Movement" is necessary to have a good and lasting script... most of time terms like "anti-ban", "human mouse", etc.. are used as marketing keywords no more no less, there are scripts out there (not on dreambot) that literally teleport the mouse and those scripts last for ages.. When scripting just try to decrease client-gamepack invocations (value every invocation). also do not create un-nessecary actions (ex: no need for random camera movements.. just zoom out and that's it), and try to be memory efficient as much as possible (no need to fetch the NPC every loop.. fetch it once, store it, and re-use until it doesn't exist then try to fetch again and if its null then its gone..)
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    2. yeeter01

      How to get profit

      You'll have to make your own.
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    3. Hello, I have Lite version. When it goes to bank it just stops and just idle. Action says banking but doesn't do anything. Restricted equipment is false Missing items false Has restricted items False
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