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    First, I would recommend null checking your rocks in your filter like so:

    GameObject rock1 = getGameObjects().closest(GameObject -> GameObject != null && (GameObject.getID() == 7487) && GameObject.distance(getLocalPlayer()) < 3);			
    GameObject rock2 = getGameObjects().closest(GameObject -> GameObject != null && (GameObject.getID() == 7454) && GameObject.distance(getLocalPlayer()) < 3); 

    Edit: It occured to me that you might also want to null check in your if statement, in case another player mines the rock before you interact with it.

    //filters up here
    if (rock1 != null && rock1.isOnScreen()) { //isOnScreen() might be isVisible() instead, I can't remember - however, this is redundant since your filter only looks for rocks a max of 2 tiles away

    For future reference, if you have a script that has to throw NPEs (a mining script shouldn't):


    For example, I have a script that changes location randomly and throws NPEs all over the place. Use try/catch blocks when NPEs are unavoidable.

    //a way to gracefully handle exceptions
    try {
         //put your code that throws the exception here
    } catch (NullPointerException e) {
         log("Caught (" + String.valueOf(e) + ")"); //delete this after testing
         break; //or some other exit condition check if the NPE is thrown in a loop, you can also just leave the catch block blank, or sleep

    Let me know if you need more help.

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