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    I plan on suicide botting multiple accounts, and I was wondering what is the best way of going about it.


    Some questions I have are...


    Will it matter if I run everything on my home ip? Will logging in on non-botted mules to collect money get my mules/goldholders banned if it's on the same ip?


    Would it be best if I used a vpn and used several different ips for my bots? Maybe an entirely seperate ip for my mules/goldholders?


    If I'm running the same script on multiple accounts with the same ip, will they all get chain banned at the same time?


    What time/day do people usually get banned? I've read somewhere that it's 8AM UK time which is around 2 am for me. (I got banned at like 2:15 am yesterday on 1 acc so this makes sense)


    The chain ban question is kind of important, because if I'm running a bot for 24+hours and it's still alive, and I add a few more into the mix that just starting botting, will the new ones get banned at the same time as the ones running for a long time? I'd be losing money on bonds if I keep getting freshly made accounts banned before reaching the breaking even threshold.


    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated here!

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    Haha thanks for the reply man. I'm gonna rock home ip for a while and see how she goes. If my accounts can last 24 hours I'm golden lol

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    I've had over 500 accounts banned on my home IP and when I change it to another one accounts don't last any longer. I'm not sure there is such a thing as a flagged IP. Use your home IP and all will be golden my friend.

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    as the others have said, I dont think flagged ips are a thing.  I also use my non botted mule on my home ip and its been 2 months so far and no ban. 


    However, it would be wise to be cautious and have it on a separate ip depending on how much volume of gp you're trading over (~300-400m plus a day) since those larger trades are closely monitored. 


    As for chain bans, I have some f2p accs that I suicide and p2p accs that I moderately bot on (less than 8 hrs a day).  F2p accs always get banned the next day but my p2p accs still go on unless the script broke, and made it obvious I was botting, or I was botting a retarded amount of hrs in 1 day. 

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    Thanks so much for the feedback guys!


    Wasn't really clear on one thing though, if one account gets banned while I have others botting on the same ip at the same time, will they all get banned?


    Thanks again guys. A+ community so far :)

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