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Hey so not sure where to put this so ill just put it here...



Is anyone aware of any cryptology forums (not StackExchange) or anywhere where I can go and learn as much as possible about cryptology and cryptanalysis in general.


I have purchased multiple books on the subject but not many of the modern methods are published, they mostly centre around Caesar ciphers and other basic ones.


I am wanting to learn from the very basics (general substitution, shifting etc) up to very high levels of it, and connect with people also highly interested in the subject of it. 


Any help is appreciated, thanks :)


~ Banker :bank:

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have fun figuring out how it works if you really want to, wrote this for class (thats why its german) and got best grade :otter:




Uhhhhh, well its not a simple cipher lol...

Doubt ill be able to xD


thanks anyways

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I don't know your background/expertise with cryptography so I hope I can be of help :)

What is your general background with Mathematics?

Do you have any background in field theory? AES encryption is something to look into

Like number theory? RSA & ElGamal are great

Something like this is a cool exercise in RSA:

Check out the following powerpoint for RSA: 

When considering attacks on RSA, start with Weiner's attack and the proof for it. There are so many attacks on RSA but it takes quite a bit of digging to find them. 

My understanding is that the newest developments in cryptography come from elliptic curve cryptography, but the barrier-of-entry is very high. 

Graduate-level cryptography classes seem will generally use this text:

If you do have time, look into how RSA & ElGamal are implemented in the "real world" (padding, primality tests when picking primes, how we use them to transmit keys, etc.)

Textbooks will do a great job explaining the underlying concepts (Factoring is computationally hard, the discrete log problem is computationlly hard). Maybe look into shor's algorithm and the implications of theoretical models of computing on current cryptographic practices? 

There's a huge distinction made between "textbook cryptography" and 'real-word' crypto as I'm sure we're all aware of :(. It's incredibly dangerous to implement and use any of the cryptographic principles discussed in textbooks in the real world, because there are thousands of obscure edge cases and considerations that leave us open for attacks/vulnerabilities, that, while generally public/"open-sourced", are so high-level and abstract, and tend to be understood by very few, that they won't be mentioned outside of PhD-level papers 


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