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  • The 3D Printing Journey


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    So I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago stating what i've been doing with my 3d printer. Over those 2 weeks i've spend perhaps 1 week's solid printing, and so heres a more recent update on what i've printed.


    Firstly, this is my printer (DaVinci 1.0 - google it!). It is a extruder based ABS depositing printer with fully functioning xyz axis.

    It cost £400 but is much cheaper in the US at $399. 



    Press the spoiler to read through my journey and see my prints!

    The very first thing I printed was the test model held in the storage of the 3D printer, and it was a 'Star Vase'. Here's a picture:


    It turned out really nicely however there was a slight error on the bottom, where I forgot to clear the nozzle. This was the start of a very steep learning curve (almost like learning to play dota all over!).


    Next, I decided to print something smaller, being a simple phone stand in the shape of some post-it notes. I found this design online (on http://www.thingiverse.com/ ) and It printed really well however the base warped a bit, (the first layer came unstuck from the base and sorta deformed - a problem which could be avoided should you know how to which I didnt at the time!). Here it is: (I hid the warp at the back in the photo so noone would notice wink.png)


    After that, I was a little let down that this 3d printer was a waste as I had done 2 prints, and I had warping, and screwups at the bases of my prints. I went on optimistically to print myself a phone case, which turned out like so:


    I was terrified and a bit pissed as to how it turned out. The photo isnt great quality but the entire camera side started warping and the camera hole is just completely messed up. 


    I thought i'd give it a couple more shots then give up on the thing. I actually designed myself a towers of hanoi set which I planned on printing, so I pressed print then cycled into town to do some christmas shopping. Came back and this massive lump of ABS was stuck to the nozzle and the print had basically screwed itself to heaven high:



    I was pretty depressed as this thing cost a shitton of money, soooo I was just about to give up when I stumbled across an article on thingiverse talking about calibrating the printer's z axis. So it turns out what actually happened was the first layer was being placed on the print bed too high up and gravity deformed it. This was only by about 1mm, but you can see how much 1mm can do. So I adjusted it using these prints as calibration tests:


    And it became the best thing i've ever owned. Heres a quick gallery of the things i've printed since calibrating it, enjoy!:


    rOLmwzi.jpg(Elephant - christmas present)



    Dota 2 butterfly found on thingiverse


    hvS11Vi.jpgpacman ghost, no eexplanationneeded.



    Dota 2 logo for a friend


    xjqoy8E.jpgGyroscopic rings found on thingiverse, cool AF


    XIqgYiq.jpgHome-made chest of drawers (mini), still have 2 shelves to print.



    Labyrinth  box designed to mindfuck (found on thingiverse)


    And lots more which I haven't photographed yet.


    Finally, a home made soma puzzle which I designed in 123D design 3d modeling software. (i'm quite proud of this one):





    And that's about it so far, I mean a few more here:


    Totoro model

    Print-in-place pliers

    trefoil knot


    And thats it!

    Have a great day and RIP poor passengers of QZ8501.


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