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    So I'm sure this has been discussed countless times, but if not, I'd like to ask/discuss.


    While we don't know the actual way Jagex detects bots, I think it strongly has to do with the client we are using. I think its a combination of this, and mouse movements like how the bot clicks things. Say, a human click could be longer or shorter than the previous while the bot has the same click "timing" since its not programmed for that. It has got to be something with the way things are being input that causes Jagex to be triggered and then ban people.


    Anyone else agree?


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    Afaik they do check mouse stoof but who knows :doge:

    Sorry what does Afaik mean? I'm a noob. I'm trying to think of this logically, based on technology out there today. Not some Jagex wizardry conspiracy theory lol 

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    Jagex collects a lot of data from the client.

    Mouse position is added to an array every 50ms, and that array is sent out to the server, so they can analyze your mouse path.

    Action times are sent to the server as well (how long it's been since last click, stuff like that)

    They can also track what you're interacting with (which is obv sent to the server for interaction verification)

    As well as (I assume) how long you've been logged in, since they have a 6h logout timer.

    There's also the fact that they track the items coming into the game (some stream or another they said they had to add zulrah to the item tracking so they could rework drop chances)

    It's highly possible they track xp gains as well.


    There's just too many possible things that jagex *could* be tracking on their server. The only things we can know is what is sent, and they send damn near everything.

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    This is a bit unrelated but the topic made me think of it.

    So I was watching an old Def-Con conference chat about certain games and their API, well someone briefly mentioned running a game, (I can look up the game again and post video if there is interest or pm or w/e), but basically it ran without visuals?? The way they explained it, it basically sent commands to the server to perform the action but no visual data was loaded so it could execute commands as soon as there was a response from the server. Granted I feel like this could get detected asap by jagex but if proper time deviations were put in after commands would it be possible to run like 1000 bots at once since there is incredibly reduced load? I may sound like a total pleb so if I'm wrong please tell me why :) 

    Very curious about this main topic as well! :D

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