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    hi everyone, i'm new around here, not new to botting though, but i am to using them for pure profit. 


    I have just a few questions to ask, they look silly to you but I am hella curious


    1) I set up a vps and have my 2 money making bots running on there to avoid ip clashes with my legit main. Good, yes or no.

    2) After my bots making some bank and I want to transfer it to my main to actually use it, does it look suspicious to go meet up and trade the, the botted accounts are basically throwaways, but I dont want to get my main in trouble for trading them for all their profits, what should I do? 

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    1 - yes

    2- best way to transfer is via dual arena staking thats what i heard 


    huh I never thought of that, ill just give all the shit to one, then stake him and beat his ass. 

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    i have 2 mains, 4 mules then the rest are just bots. my process is like this


    regular bots trasnfer profits to ->

    1/4 mules(all 300+ total) who then ->

    trade between mules as well as establish trade history with other players, then i->

    trade it all to one mule, i always trade like 2mil to main mule and the main mule trades like 100k in items for the 2mil  ->

    main mule trades directly to my main


    i have never had a ban for trading, only botting stupid.

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    Well no point having money on your main it's risky. Just transfer all to one mule then sell it the same day (hopefully sunday) so that if the mule is banned it doesn't matter because you sold the gold already.

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