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  • ★ Hartigan's Firecapes ★ [3MIL FLAT OSRS GOLD CHEAP]


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    Welcome to Hartigan's Fire Caping Service!


    ✔ Fast Delivery

    ✔ Cheap Prices (OSRS Gold Only)

    ✔ Live chat Skype: [email protected]

    ✔ Done by hand (Over 100 confirmed kills)

    ✔ Will try to get you the pet :D

    ✔ 3 Mil OSRS GP Flat Price (Low price to build rep)

    ✔ Servicing the Dreambot, OSBot, and Scythe communities (Since Dec19 I've done 5 capes all first try)



    Stat Requirements:


    ✔ 70 Range 70 Defence 43 prayer


    Gear Setup:

    ✔ Verac Helm, God D'hide Chest, Verac Skirt, Fury/Glory Ammy, God Book/Granite Shield, Snakeskin boots, Black d'hide Vambs, Ava's Accumulator/Prayer Cape, 2.5k Broad Bolts/2.5k Emerald Bolts, Ranger Ring (Optional)

    ✔ 13 Saradomin Brews, 13 Super Restores, 2 Ranging Potions


    Can negotiate gear setups if it is a problem via Skype



    Terms of Service:


    1.I am not responsible for any bans during/after the service.
    2.I have the right to decline any orders.
    3.You must not change password and must not login during the service, doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund.
    4.You should move gold to another account before the service to avoid any discrepancies.
    5.I never go first to anyone.
    6.You must change the password after I've completed the service.
    7. After the service has been completed +1 rep and comment on the post that the service was a success.
    ADD ME ON SKYPE FOR ORDER/INQUIRIES: [email protected]
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