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  • Mining a adjacent Rock immediately when current rock you interacting with turns null.


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    Hey guys i am having a small issue that i just can not seem to figure out.


    So i have made a mining script which is really decent(has been mining about 4 days straight),but when it is mining and the current rock it is mining becomes depleted/null by someone else who is mining with me,it does not instantaneously mine the adjacent rock,it remains in the mining animation and only until that animation ends it then switches,which is already too late because i am competing with other bots.


    So i would like to know if there is some type of way to get around this,maybe some type of function that checks if the object that the LocalPlayer is currently interacting turns null?


    I also noticed that the Interact(string option),takes Higher priority on one rock over another?Or am i wrong?



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