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    this might not be compilable, as i'm not at a computer right now. but try something like:

    List<WidgetChild> match = getWidgets().getWidgetChildrenContainingText("Bronze dagger"); //replace this with your item name
    WidgetChild dagger = match.get(0);
    if(dagger != null) {
        dagger.interact("Make All");
        sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().isAnimating(), Calculations.random(2300, 3200));
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    you would use widgets, go to tools, --debugging---game debugger, then go to the widgets pane. then go to tools---debugging---turn on widget hover. hover over the spot you want to find the widget for, sometimes widget hover is a little buggy so just keep trying to find it. you can search for certain text if there is some to on the screen using the game debugger. here is a list of the widgets tho


        ARROW_TIPS(312, 24,"Smith X sets"),
        AXE(312, 7,"Smith X"),
        BATTLE_AXE(312, 10,"Smith X"),
        BOLTS(312,28,"Smith X sets"),
        CHAIN_BODY(312, 12,"Smith X"),
        CROSSBOW_LIMBS(312,29,"Smith X"),
        DART_TIPS(312, 23,"Smith X sets"),
        FULL_HELM(312, 18,"Smith X"),
        JAVELIN_HEADS(312,30,"Smith X sets"),
        KITE_SHIELD(312, 20,"Smith X"),
        KNIVES(312, 25,"Smith X sets"),
        LONG_SWORD(312, 5,"Smith X"),
        MACE(312, 8,"Smith X"),
        MEDIUM_HELM(312, 17,"Smith X"),
        NAILS(312, 16,"Smith X sets"),
        PLATE_BODY(312, 15,"Smith X"),
        PLATE_SKIRT(312, 14,"Smith X"),
        PLATELEGS(312, 13,"Smith X"),
        SCIMITAR(312, 4,"Smith X"),
        SQUARE_SHIELD(312, 19,"Smith X"),
        SWORD(312, 3,"Smith X"),
        TWO_HAND_SWORD(312, 6,"Smith X"),
        WARHAMMER(312, 9,"Smith X"),
        DAGGER(312, 2,"Smith X");
       int parent, child;
       String action;
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