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    Hello everyone!

    I am Crump


    I am new here and I am looking to make a name for myself, and get a good reputation.


    I will be selling as many accounts as I can make!

    Working on a batch of about 50 accounts right now!

    Hand Played every account.

    I will be continuing to create more accounts to place up for sale.

    All accounts were made and created Using a VPN as well Proxies.


    Aside from the Post Tutorial Island accounts, I will also take requests for other types of accounts.

    Those types of accounts will be:

    Beginner Accounts - Combat Skills, and Prayer. ( example....  Attack/Strength/Defense/Range/Magic)

    Base Skillers - 1 or more Skills leveled to a predetermined Level (I.e. Crafting/RC/Mining/Smithing/Fishing


    Pures - As far as the Pure Accounts go, We will discuss what skill you're looking to be pure in, or what skills you would like for the account. 


    All of my accounts are played by me, and me alone. 100% hand played, and as I stated before, the accounts are made using a VPN and Proxy so that transference of accounts can not fall back on me personally.





    Accounts 1 Through 10 - Fresh Hand Played Finished Tutorial Island.


    Accounts 1 Through 10 [Same Skills, Login Screen, and Not a single Blackmark!]





    Basic Beginner Melee Skills







    Payment will be received on my end first, and then will disclose all account information.

    If you are uncomfortable with that, you may use a trusted Middle-Man at your expense.


    Payment Details: I am willing to accept OSRS GP and am asking 125k per account.

    Willing to give a discount on anyone purchasing multiple accounts.

    I can be reached through this post, PM, or Skype.





    Happy Hunting everyone!


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    New batch of fresh level 3's starting. 

    Higher Security, Upgraded VPN, Handplayed Tutorial Isle.

    Unfortunately, with the upgrade in VPN I have had to pay a bit more for the program. 

    I will be requesting 150k for singles, 1.25m for 10's

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