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    Hello everyone, I'm DarkBot.... Beep Boo Bop  :doge:

    I've played Runescape for a total of 13 years on and off. I've several legitimate accounts and botted accounts. While I don't have much programming experience, I have tested a shit ton of scripts and got banned plenty. In the past my botting techniques were cocky and idiotic.


    My first experience with botting was back in 2012 (or something like that, idk time is hard :huh:). I used Powerbot (Not promoting... dat bot is shiet m8 :doge: ) and level an account to all 99 combat stats except prayer and range. I also managed to get all the way up to 99 woodcutting and accumulated about 80m. Now this was back in the golden days when jamflex didn't given too many fucks about botting.*Spoiler* It got banned with 1500+ total level and shit tons of gold, mainly because I suicided this shit out of it and was stupid.


    I botted more after that, but still had no idea what I was doing. Then a few years later I decided to try another bot called osbot (Not promoting again.... bot sux dek m8). I revised my plans on botting and decided to take it slow.


    Here is my list of guidelines I follow.

    • Only Bot 4-6 Hours on the Weekdays (Less during the beginning weeks) and 6-8 hours on the weekends.
    • If you are using a new script, babysit your bot and make sure it looks human / doesn't bug out.
    • Take Breaks about every hour for about 30 minutes
    • Everyday take time to do Quests / Minigame / Something a bot doesn't do (Minimum of Hour)
    • Don't run the bot overnight
    • Don't Suicide bot (12+ botting straight)
    • Don't make a botting username, like kdlsjafklscockslayer99  :doge:
    • Use a proxy / If you get banned, change your proxy IP and never bot on a IP that is banned
    • Try to avoid High ban rate skills or do them sparingly


    With all this in mind osbot really fell short of my expectations and the whole explanation of "mirror" seemed kinda meh. I tested the mirror mode and while using it received bans, but having that said I didn't really follow my guidelines to the letter. At the moment I'm just fishing around to find the best client out there. I really like the breaking handler on the dreambot client and the scripts are pretty top notch.



    Hoi, muy nme is dankbot, how my I tkae ur meme  :kappa:

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    Welcome to dreambot :) So far this client seems pretty good. (I am another new user) (And their development API isn't half bad either.) 

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