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    Hello all,


    I was wondering if the following script could even be created within Dreambot. Not sure of the limitations on yalls side.


    Simple gatherbot. Think wood cutting, mining, or fishing.

    -Would reference the clock running on your computer to determine how long its been running, and perform its task.

    -GUI presented to player would ask what activity it would do, and for how long.

    -At end of activity, the bot would log a second account (mule) in and trade all gathered resources to it.

    -After trade mule logs out, and main bot either continues or takes its break.



    Ideally I would like to have a fully automated gathering system. Bots would gather, trade resources to a mule, and break. All on their own, and preferable without using the break system in-game. If the script used the clock on my PC to time gathering and the trades, theres less chance of a fuckup (one bot being off a bit due to xyz, lag or whatever).


    Anyway, I was just wondering if this would even be feasible with Dreambot. What do you pr0 scripters think? If it is, I would be interested in a well made private script.

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    This is very possible. I don't consider myself as a pro scripter, but i can make this for sure. I just don't have the time at the moment as i'm working on other things, maybe someone else is interested :)

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    Nice. Would one of you kind souls mind pm'ing me a ballpark cost for something like this? or post it here, whatever works for me!


    Thinking about devoting this old PC to gold farming. Found a few things that I can farm for long stretches and avoid bans. While im at it, shout out to all the free scripts people have put together for this game bot :) you guys are good people.

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    If referencing clock is possible should make a herb farming bot to run around every 80 min and gather or something like that? perhaps? maybe? :P idk 

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