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  • lily's Super Fresh Pesto Recipe


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    lily's Super Fresh Pesto Recipe


    Pesto is the bombest shit ever, especially when it's fresh stuff, good on pasta, sandwiches, really anything at all!



    - Is actually fucking amazing

    - Super fresh and quite high protein for a sauce/spread

    - Good to keep in the fridge

    - Uses lily's antian extra pro master 3.0 extended edition directors cut




    - Things you'll need are: Fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic cloves, olive oil, parmesean cheese, parsley or other herbs (optional)

    - So doing this is actually super easy, but be sure to get more basil than you think you need, this stuff vanishes once you mix it up.

    - Get out a blender or food processor, I've used a magic bullet and food processor and both work great

    - Wash your herbs as needed, and open the garlic cloves (I like 2 of them). 

    - Basically at this point just blend it all together until its a good consistency!

    - I like to use a LOT of basil, maybe a quarter cup nuts, half cup olive oil, and a half cup cheese, but all this is up to you

    - Put it on everything forever because pesto is bomb af




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    Sounds delicious.... Do you think pesto would go well with anchovies on pasta?


    It depends how salty the anchovies are, but potentially!

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    Yeah pesto is AMAZING with chicken in any form, as a sauce, marinade, something to put in a chicken salad, etc. Try it as much as you can!

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