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4 hours ago, winterfrize said:

i just got banned using this for 6 hours 😕

I just got a 1 day ban too and im pretty sure it was from this script. I have others with a different client and use a mirror mode and have botted hours with the other client and never had issues. My buddy let me use this script , ran it for 3hr almost last night, to only login today with a temp 1 day ban. Lucky its not perm. Not a guarantee its this but most likely

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to everyone who has used this script for a long time without issues/bans. What were your strategies for running it? I have been botting for years using different software and a hidden client mode and have never gotten banned. I wanted to get 99 str and rng so my buddy let me his this nmz script which he had used to get 99 combat skills. He did mention he got a temp ban during that time but still achieved 99 str,att,def,hp. I started using this a few days ago, ran it for almost 3h straight last night(I usually never go longer than 2hr running scripts) but I figured hey its nmz and afkable maybe I can go longer. But nope, got a 2 day temp ban, if anyone can help me out that would be great.

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