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    Martin's Service's

    Status = Open

       This is temporary format dont judge :D


    Free to Play :

    Black Knights' Fortress - 200K
    Cook's Assistant - Free
    Demon Slayer - 500K
    Doric's Quest - 100K
    Dragon Slayer - 800K
    Ernest the Chicken - 350K
    Goblin Diplomacy - 100K
    Imp Catcher - 100K
    The Knight's Sword - 400K
    Pirate's Treasure - 500K
    Prince Ali Rescue - 900K
    The Restless Ghost - Free
    Romeo and Juliet - 200K
    Rune Mysteries - 200K
    Sheep Shearer - Free
    Shield of Arrav - 300K
    Vampire Slayer - 200K
    Witch's Potion - 300K

    Pay to Play :

    Animal Magnetism - 1.5M (200K extra for ecto tokens)
    Another Slice of H.A.M. - 2M
    Back to my Roots - 2M
    Between a Rock... - 2M
    Big Chompy Bird Hunting - 700K
    Biohazard - 700K
    Cabin Fever - 1.5M
    Clock Tower - 500K
    Cold War - 1.2
    Contact! - 2.3M
    Creature of Fenkenstrain - 1.5M
    Darkness of Hallowvale - 3.5M
    Death Plateau - 700K
    Death to the Dorgeshuun - 1.7M
    Desert Treasure - 4M
    Devious Minds - 2.5M
    The Digsite - 1.3M
    Dream Mentor - 3M
    Druidic Ritual - Free
    Dwarf Cannon - 500K
    Eadgar's Ruse - 700K (100k per extra herb)
    Eagles' Peak - 700K
    Elemental Workshop I - 600K
    Elemental Workshop II - 1M
    Enakhra's Lament - 2M
    Enlightened Journey - 1.5M
    Fairytale IGrowing Pains - 1M
    Fairytale II Cure a Queen - 1.8M
    Family Crest - 1.5M
    The Feud - 2M
    Fight Arena - 200K
    Fishing Contest - 100K
    Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf - 1.5M
    The Fremennik Isles - 2M
    The Fremennik Trials - 1.3M
    Garden of Tranquillity - 3M
    Gertrude's Cat - 500K
    Ghosts Ahoy - 1.8M (300K extra for ecto tokens)
    The Giant Dwarf - 900K
    The Golem - 700K
    The Grand Tree - 600K
    Grim Tales - 1.5M
    The Haunted Mine - 3M
    Hazeel Cult - 700K
    Heroes' Quest - 2M
    Holy Grail - 700K
    Horror From The Deep - 1M (2M without barcrawl)
    Icthlarin's Little Helper - 2M
    In Aid of the Myreque - 1.5M
    In Search of the Myreque - 1.5M
    Jungle Potion - 300K
    Legends' Quest - 3.5M
    Lost City - 200K
    Lost Tribe - 500K
    Lunar Diplomacy - 3.5M
    Making History - 500K
    Merlin's Crystal - 750K
    Monk's Friend - 100K
    Monkey Madness - 2M
    Mountain Daughter - 1M
    Mourning's Ends Part I - 4M
    Mourning's Ends Part II - 4M
    Murder Mystery - 800K
    My Arm's Big Adventure - 1.5M
    Nature Spirit - 500K
    Observatory Quest - 900K
    Olaf's Quest - 1.7M
    One Small Favour - 3M
    Plague City - 400K
    Priest in Peril - 300K
    Rat Catchers - 2M

    Recipe for Disaster Part 1: Helping the Cook - 200K
    Sub-quest 1: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf - 500K
    Sub-quest 2: Freeing the Goblins - 500K
    Sub-quest 3: Freeing Pirate Pete - 700K
    Sub-quest 4: Freeing the Lumbridge Guide - 700K
    Sub-quest 5: Freeing Evil Dave - 1.3M (3M if kitten)
    Sub-quest 6: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee - 800K
    Sub-quest 7: Freeing Sir Amik Varze - 1.5M
    Sub-quest 8: Freeing King Awowogei - 1.5M
    Part 3: The Fights - 2M

    Recruitment Drive - 1M
    Regicide - 2M
    Roving Elves - 900K
    Royal Trouble - 1.3M
    Rum Deal - 800K
    Scorpion Catcher - 500K
    Sea Slug - 400K
    Shades Of Mort'ton - 300K
    Shadow of the Storm - 700K
    Sheep Herder - 500K
    Shilo Village - 800K
    Slug Menace - 1.3M
    A Soul's Bane - 1.9M
    Spirits of the Elid - 1.5M
    Swan Song - 1.5M
    Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 1.2M
    A Tail of Two Cats - 1.5M
    Tears of Guthix - 500K
    Temple of Ikov - 700K
    The Great Brain Robbery - 1.5M
    The Hand in the Sand - 600K
    The Tourist Trap - 800K
    The Underground Pass 2.5M (Agility 60+, if not then 4.3-5M depending level)
    Throne of Miscellania - 1.5M
    Tower of Life - 500K
    Tree Gnome Village - 400K
    Tribal Totem - 800K
    Troll Romance - 800K
    Troll Stronghold - 700K
    Wanted! - 1.8M
    Watchtower - 1.5M
    Waterfall Quest - 500K
    What Lies Below - 900K
    Witch's House - 200K
    Zogre Flesh Eaters 900K


    Terms Of Service

    You will provide everything needed for the service.
    I will add your Skype and confirm via my thread, after this you can PM me if needing further confirmation of your order the same goes with my workers we will never deny a PM.
    You will pay upfront for your work, or a middleman will be used at your expense.
    Both myself and my workers have the right to decline any orders.
    If I am unable to complete a service, you will be refunded for what is left.
    Any bans/mutes to the account(s) whilst doing services are not our responsibility.
    You will not log in whilst a service is being done, unless told you can.
    You will feedback upon completion of your order.
















    Hiring Workers add my skype and send me your resume 




    Firecaper- Empty



    Assistant Manager-Empty 

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    Just a question, how is mutes not your responsibility? I mean if you get the account muted, means you spoke in the game, which ultimately is your fault.

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    It inst my responsibility at all because mutes and bans fall under the same category, i can get banned just for account sharing, and  the account could get muted because of the owner and be blamed on me so for all that confusion to be taken out i am not responsible for ether 

    Just a question, how is mutes not your responsibility? I mean if you get the account muted, means you spoke in the game, which ultimately is your fault.

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