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    Well, I know most of the methods but none satisfy my needs.



    I am looking an unknown method. Not-botted extreme low to no ban rate, one of the trick my friends know , that is no ban rate, they have been botting on it since 2 weeks straight now. I am looking for a trick similar to it.



    around 300k-1m/hr


    Skype: apexplayz

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    People wont be selling these methods for cheap, they wont want the method to become public so you could be looking upwards of $100 for a private method.

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    you aren't going to find a goldfarming method here. If I were you, look at the money making premium scripts on other forums and you'll get a rough idea through that.

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    • 4 months later...

    Source - GoldFarmingHQ.


    If you’re like most Runescape entrepreneurs with the dream of making it rich, I’m positive the thought has been in your head at least once, if not a million times over and over.

    The process to building a large Goldfarm that profits at least $1000 a month is straight forward, yet obstacles get in the way of many people. Maybe the lack of knowledge or discouragement whenever there is a delayed gratification for their efforts.

    Before you read any further, I’d like to stress to you. This is not EASY or a GET RICH QUICK scheme. It is however research, trial and error, application of knowledge, and persistence that can lead to a very profitable business. Have what it takes? Keep reading.

    “Do or do not. There is no try†-Yoda


    Goldfarming Guide Quickstart

    This is the longest and most in-depth post on Goldfarming HQ to date. It covers what most of the readers are interested in reading, starting a goldfarm. This is the TL;DR 7 step quick version. If your still interested or have questions, then quit being lazy and read the rest of the article.

    Step #1. Find a reputable botting client, become acquainted with it, and learn about every feature they offer. If you like it, continue to step 2. If not, keep searching or build your own.

    Step #2. Research the type of botting that you are interested in and will profit you the most. Here is a few ideas to get the theories going.

    • What are the requirements? Do the profit margins increase enough to compensate for loss time of preparation of the accounts?
    • How competitive is this method?
    • What is your estimated life span of the bots?
    • How is the developer’s support for the script? Many reports of script failure?

    Step #3. Invest into a Virtual Private Server to run multiple bots. Learn what type of VPS you need here.

    Step #4. Create your network. Connect with other goldfarmers, a positive group of friends, the smallest connection can be your best recruit for help along your journey.

    Step #5. Begin creating your procedure list. Stick to it.

    • Bot start times, stop times, and clean times.
    • Account creation dates, gold sell dates, mule exchange dates, etc.

    Step #6. Extensively organizes your goldfarm details.

    • Membership end dates, temp. ban expiration dates, VPS renewal recreation dates, account creation dates, etc.

    Step #7. Create records of previous problems and possible solutions. Implement changes. Use your network to continually update your records and discuss current events to predict other issues. Perform personal tests and document results.

    • Account 1-25; Woodcutting- Edgeville; Average lifespan- 55 hrs. Average profit, 1.5m.
    • Account 26-50; Woodcutting – Varrock; Average lifespan – 71 hrs. Average profit, 1.8m.
    • Accounts 26-50 more profitable than 1-25. Etc.

    There it is, a 7 step quick guide on building a Runescape Goldfarm from scratch that brings can bring in at least $1,000 profit per month. Are you thinking this is something you’re actually interested in doing? Then keep reading.


    My first Runescape Goldfarm

    In this for the long haul? Great. Grab a couple Red Bulls and let’s start this journey.

    In 2011, I started engaging in more of a public life than I had previously. and unfortunately having a “real life†takes it’s toll on the experience loss in Runescape. So I did a little research and started botting my account from this point forward. Things were great. I lived a fun and adventurous life while my Runescape rank was continually growing. Fortunately, I never received a ban, and gained over 20m experience in this time period on my main account.


    The extinct RsBuddy Botting Client


    Which leads us into step #1.

    “Find a botting client, become acquainted with it, and learn about every feature.â€

    I personally became acquainted with RsBuddy, which for those who are unaware of, RsBuddy was one of the most popular and thriving Runescape botting clients of it’s time.â€Jacmob†owned the company and created flawless scripts. In late 2011 the infamous bot nuke ‘ClusterFlutterer’ was announced, Jagex moderator MMG announced “if anyone can get a working bot client up and running in the next 14 days, they have a place here as a developer at Jagexâ€. Two weeks later at Runefest, Jacmob brought a fully functional bot client and presented it to Jagex. As promised, he was awarded a position within the company and chose the name “Mod Jacmobâ€.


    Owner of RsBuddy after accepting job offer for Jagex.

    A few months after I began using RsBuddy, I received a great offer to work overseas for my job. I took the offer and moved to a foreign country. My internet access was limited to say the least. Possibly once every couple weeks I had time to sit down behind a computer. During those brief times, I read about how others were using Runescape bots for Goldfarming.

    Goldfarming to me was the most fascinating anomalies I had ever heard of. Using my favorite pastime in a way to bring in a great and healthy income passively. In the time period that I was researching and working overseas, I saved $1,000 strictly for investing into this new business venture.

    Well, once I returned RsBuddy was long gone and I began searching for other clients available. Which is what you need to do now. You may already have a client in mind that you absolutely love, which is great, but I highly recommend you at least try others as well to see what is out there and will be the easiest for you to use.

    Every botting client is different. Some offer great anti-ban features such as VPN tunneling, sleep and break timers, and artificial intelligence. Depending on what version and type of Runescape goldfarm you are trying to build will vary your decision on the client to use. Here are a few websites you can start researching from.

    Powerbot â€“ Used for RS3 botting. Free and Paid scripts. Client free to use..
    TriBot â€“ Used for OldSchool Runescape. Free/Paid scripts. Client free to use with premium option.
    EpicBot â€“ USed for both OldSchool/RS3 botting. Free/Paid/Pro version available.

    At the time that botting went from a hobby to a business for me, Powerbot served my needs the best. After using it myself for a couple weeks it was time to begin the search for a great script for goldfarming use.


    Powerbot, Previously known as RsBot.

    Step #2.

    “Research the type of botting that you are interested in and will profit you the most.â€

    After researching the scripts Powerbot had to offer, I was set on investing into Frost Dragon bots. The writer of this script was extremely helpful and willing to update his script daily of any problems that may occur. One reason he may of been so inclined to fix any problems was that each instance were quite expensive. I believe it was $20 each, but don’t quote me on it.


    Frost Dragon Bones

    Besides the price of the script, another downfall was that the requirements for this script were extremely high, but after looking on virtual marketplaces such as the powerbot forums, I realized that buying other players old “main accounts†was quite the time saver and worth the investment.

    I was buying the accounts due to the high amount of requirements for this type of bot. I paid on average $100 per account. I bought 8 accounts in that week and was ready to begin the search for a virtual private server.

    Step #3.

    “Invest into a Virtual Private Server to run multiple bots. Learn what type of VPS you need here.â€

    After purchasing accounts I had around $200 left over for this project. I was familiar with servers in the website industry but not for Goldfarming. The first VPS I ever used ended up being terrible. In the first 24hrs I saw lag, downtime, and terrible customer support. It was from a company called “Fortatrust†which I learned later was owned by “Grupo Prontoâ€, a large scale downright scam company.

    Whenever I tried canceling, I was led to their cancellation number with a never ending automated loop, sent me automated emails, would not return my live chat requests, etc. I ended up fighting with them for over 6 months and it landed in them filing on my credit report two years later. So please, if your going to decide on a VPS that you find on your own, without recommendation of a fellow goldfarmer. Search on Google for reviews first.

    If I would have done the reasearch, it would have been pretty obvious that I shouldn’t use them,


    Review of FortaTrust

    The next day I did my through research and ended up settling on Photon VPS, great reviews and a friend of mine was using them for goldfarming Runescape as well.

    Night and day from my last VPS experience.

    If you need to become familiarized with what a VPS is and why it is important for Goldfarming, I suggest reading my guide here.

    Halfway done! Not so bad, right?

    Step #4.

    “Create your network. Connect with other goldfarmers, a positive group of friends, the smallest connection can be your best recruit for help along your journey.â€

    My first month of Goldfarming Runescape for the very first time, I made $1,400, without a ban, and the entire farm was set up and running within a day. Pretty great if you ask me. $400 profit and less than $50 of that had to be invested into the second month.

    But, that wasn’t for me. I’ll go big or go home broke. I studied hard and continue improving this farm. I reinvested every penny of the first month’s profits back into the farm. I then had over 20 Frost dragon accounts and it began to become quite a challenge for me. This script required a lot of maintenance. Heavy amounts of supplies and loot to sell from each account.

    Luckily, I had a close friend of mine on the dark side of real world trading as well. I began sharing the knowledge I had gathered on everything so far and asked if he would help. This more than doubled my productivity. Now there were two points of view on everything and not only did I now have someone to share the work load with me, I had adequate time to plan larger scale operations for us to do, where as prior to having help, I wasn’t able to eat dinner without being paranoid if I had cleaned the last VPS today.

    Did I clean it? Yes, surely you did. Well.. What was the loot?

    I can’t remember.. You didn’t clean it. *Checks*

    Damn it. Cleaned an hour ago. *Restarts bot*

    I urge you to reach out and join the botting community. You might be the biggest dick in all of Glienor, and there is still some guy out there that will be your friend. Having connections is vital in this business. Life is unpredictable and we can’t possibly donate 100% of our time to our Goldfarm. When things arise, it’s quite a good feeling to know you are prepared and have someone capable of taking the reins for a day or two.

    Without a partner, I would not of learned this great anti-ban membership purchasing method!

    You don’t have to be conceded about what you are doing. Goldfarming isn’t supposed to be a dick measuring contest. It’s your new business, remember that. Be yourself, the right people will be there.


    Step #5.

    “Begin creating your procedure list. Stick to it.â€

    With 20 high maintenance accounts running, things started getting a little hetic. Accounts left running for 24hrs straight unattended, mules cross trading, etc. We needed a schedule.

    We agreed that I would stop and clean half the accounts at 5:00AM whenever I woke up and start the other half. On his lunch break, he did the same. At 7:00 that night, we cleaned all the accounts on the designated mule accounts. Our schedule looked something along these lines,

    M-Sat. Me 05:00 Clean 1-10 Restock 11-20 Start 11-20 M-Sat. Friend 12:00 Clean 11-20 Restock 1-10 Start 1-10 M-Sat. Me 19:00 Clean 1-5 with mule #1 Clean 6-10 with mule #2 Transfer to mule #3 M-Sat. Friend 19:00 Clean 11-15 with mule #4 Clean 16-20 with mule #4 Transfer to mule #5 Sunday Me 12:00 Restock all accounts. Transfer items to mule #3 and #5 to mule #6 to sell for GP. Sell GP for cash.

    In this time period, bans were pretty much non-existent. Your schedule will needed to be tweaked to what you find to work the best in today’s environment. Our personal schedule is quite a lot more complex now a days.


    Complex schedule example


    Step #6.

    “Extensively organizes your goldfarm details.â€

    One key factor for working on a gold farm is organization, and it’s not always only about tracking how much gold your accounts are making. Account management is crucial. Knowing how long your bots have been running, botting infractions and dates, keeping track of bans on specific scripts, and even remembering the account username and password. Every detail you can think of should be extensively organized. Failure to keep track of accounts and the VPS associated to each could allow you to log onto the wrong server which is highly possible to result in a mass ban of your entire farm rather than a single account getting banned instead.

    We have used many different methods to store our information. Google documents, Excel spreadsheets, Gmail contacts list, etc. We can provide examples if anyone needs help in this area. But for the most part, this should be whatever is comfortable to you. The seconds count up. Staying organized makes everything flow.


    Step #7.

    “Create records of previous problems and possible solutions. Implement changes. Use your network to continually update your records and discuss current events to predict other issues. Perform personal tests and document results.â€

    Problem Date/Time Estimated Cause of Ban Changes Implemented Outcome of changes Case #1) Bans on Woodcutting bots within 3 hours. 10.15.14;13:45 Using script “Ez WC bot†Changed script to “Pro WC farm†Ban time changed to average of 6hrs over 10 subjects. Test uneffective. Case #1) Script change helped outcome over 10 subjects, but bans still too frequent. 10.17.14;14:10 Botting the Varrock location. Moved to Draynor location. Ban time changed to average 28hrs over 15 subjects. Test effective. Case #1 concluded.  Case #2) RWT ban on Mule #2  11.05.12;02:30  RWT’ing for too long of a period on mule. 6 months.  Creating more mules for future RWT’ing. 1 month change out or 4 trades max.  No RWT ban in over 1 year. Case #2 concluded.

    We’ve reached the last step in the process, which is possibly the most important as well. It’s documentation of your issues. Let me be clear, in today’s botting environment- your going to receive bans. It’s inevitable. However, over time, making constant changes and preparation you can decrease these significantly. Keep track of your progress.

    The Jagex botting detection system will be a never ending battle with us, and we will never know for sure their exact methods. But what we can do is track what works and what doesn’t work as well and apply it. At a later time, this step will become more and more prevalent in your goldfarming process and it will be covered in more detail here at Goldfarming HQ.

    Hopefully this has been as much of an enjoyment to read

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