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    I'm writing a farm bot controller with NodeJS as the backend, CouchDB for the database, and Backbone.js for the front-end. I've written a bit off it so far and I want to show you guys my progress and its features.
    I'm hoping when I'm completely done with this, that it will be open for other users to easily track their bots.
    Features currently:

    • Easily send a HTTP put request with your account info and see it on the table in real time.
    • Customized parameters on whatever you'd like to track.

    Check it out here: https://streamable.com/2l45
    December 17th, 2015
    Javascript has kind of turned into quite a mess, using it with the backend in front-end. Rewriting the project in a JVM language called Koitlin, which is very similar to java.
    It will allow me to write my html/css and js in Kotlin using builders and render them.
    Heres an update: When something is inserted or edited in the database, it automatically updates on the page without a page refresh.
    Look here: https://streamable.com/dv49
    Heres a quick example of what I mean by HTML Builders:

    December 20th, 2016


    Switching over from HTTP put requests to using web sockets to easily prevent spam of the API, as well as keep track of which bots are connected. This will also stop me from having to poll from new data every three seconds with javascript to update the page.





    When you register an account for the service, you'll be given a UDID, which you'll pass in the constructor of the web socket class, along with your account name. The server side will then store each account thats passed with that UDID into a list and given a secret ID to each account. This is allow me to easy add and remove accounts as they get disconnected from the socket.

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