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    Basically I have a script that is power skilling, but it sometimes can get an item that's not the item its collecting which will break the script.

    However I have a workaround which just drops the item in the first inventory slot regardless of what it is...

    However! I want to keep those items are they can be worth heaps! So how would I go about Dragging the item to the last available slot in the inventory?

    Any ideas?

    if s.getInventory().slotContains(0,???)
    s.getMouse ???
    Drag to last empty slot in inventory ???

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    Can't you just check if the item is worth crap or not?

    if it's not then just change the variable instead of first slot to second slot.


    Just my thoughts about it ;p

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    Now its a fresh new day :l (not 4am)
    Guess I can use mouse.drag and a For (Inventory i = 30, where inventory is full; i--; or something will have to play with it later
    So where inventory is full it loops downwards and drags the unknown item from slot 1 to the last available slot

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