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    Learn java before you learn scripting for rs, makes it much easier and your scripts will be much better

    yeah thats what i meant. Once you understand how everything works you can make things way more efficient with less work. 


    Also if you learn to script FOR RUNESCAPE, you will go somewhere and say you know java and you wont know anything else but the api :P

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    Pick up a good book and work through it. Do exercises and questions. You might read it and think you know it but the only way you will know if you truly know it is if you answer questions and do programming exercises. I personally like to read programming tutorials/book instead of videos due to the given exercises and questions at the end of the chapters to test my knowledge. Research shows that when you recall material, (like taking a test) the material you are recalling/trying to learn sticks and stays in memory. Thus, you have long term retention of the material. Some books I recommend if you are just learning.



    • Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science, 2nd Ed.

    (I own this book and it's amazing. I got my main source of knowledge about python using only this book and I created a bouncing ball simulator(unfortunately I forgot to make a copy of the code and i got a new computer. The code is now lost in the void))



    • Java Illuminated: An Active Learning Approach 3rd Edition
    • Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects (5th Edition) 5th Edition
    • Head First Java, 2nd Edition 2nd Edition (I personally didn't like this book but you might enjoy it. I only found it useful when explaining classes and inheritance. It's a little outdated now but concepts still the same.)


    Most of these books you can torrent. Any edition should do btw for any of these books. Just get the newest editions if possible.


    More stuff you might be interested in to learn better and faster:




    Here is a small easy to read article on it:







    Hell I know it works because I still remember details of this book I was reading like two months ago because I asked myself "What did I read" thus engaging in the testing effect. It will really slim down your study time and you will learn a lot more faster and deeper. Re-reading and highlighting show to have little to no benefits on learning. There are tons of science articles on the testing effect proving its power over and over again.

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