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    hi everyone, i'm new here so i thought i would introduce myself, and maybe get a little bit of help before i get banned on osrs?


    i used to bot a lot back in the day, but it was for skills, not money. i would like to start gold farming and i have a laptop that can be run 24/7 - and soon i will have another to run a bot on (i just need a charger for it, i'll have it later on today)


    i was thinking that while i have 1 laptop, i would have two accounts.

    i would bot one account for 6 hours straight on one IP, then the other for another 6 hours on another. The remaining 12 hours would be either a full power through the night on the alternating accounts, or a break, or the 12 hours would be a day of the weekend for each account.


    it could go

    Monday acc 1 morning / acc 2 afternoon

    Tuesday acc 1 morning / acc 2 afternoon

    until Friday, when they took a break


    Saturday acc 2 morning / acc 1 afternoon / acc 2 through the night (12 hours)

    Sunday   acc 1 morning / acc 2 afternoon / acc 1 through the night (12 hours)


    then i could start the week again with account 1 on the afternoon and account 2 on a morning.



    what do you guys think? any suggestions? this pattern could be put down to each account just wanting to power farm at any chance they get, maybe before or after work of school. Friday would be a break for them to socialize, and the weekend would be a chance for them to finally get some time clocked in.

    i just need to know:
    -what do i bot to get the best amount of money?

    -is there a grand exchange flipping bot? if not, that would be a great bot!


    i will also be open to sell some osrs RSGP soon if anyone is interested, and if the accounts don't get banned :)


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    I think that's a pretty good setup. It gives a nice amount of time for both botting and resting.


    At this point in rs, you pretty much have to figure out what to bot yourself. There's a lot of things to make money, but anything that will be lower banrate you'll have to find privately.

    I don't think we have a flipping bot here, no.

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