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    Hello dear community, I have a small problem. I have been using the timers from Dreambot, etc., to create an artifact, and running the script on the Dreambot client works perfectly. Also, on the graphics where it calculates how long the script has been running and based on that, how many locations have been cut, it is also functioning properly. Now, when I tried to load it on the SDN, it gave me this message, something is wrong with the 1st layer, therefore, the methods containing the timers have also been distorted. Code:

    old Variant:

    import org.dreambot.api.utilities.Timer;


    is Abstract..

    private Timer timeRun;

    private int logsCut;

    public void onStart(){
            SwingUtilities.invokeLater(() -> {
    gui = new WoodcutterGUI(this);

                timeRun = new Timer()
      // on client it works same without this..

    Methods ..

    public void breakTime() { // break time when is logout and resume when is logged in..
    if (!Client.isLoggedIn()) {
    else if(Client.isLoggedIn()){

    public void onPaint(Graphics2D graphics) {

    int logsPerHour = (int) (logsCut / (timeRun.elapsed() / 3600000.0));
    "" + timeRun.formatTime(), 111, 19);


    constructor Timer in class Timer cannot be applied to given types; [javac] timeRun = new Timer(); [javac] ^ [javac] required: int,ActionListener [javac] found: no arguments [javac] reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length.

    cannot find symbol [javac] timeRun.pause(); [javac] ^ [javac] symbol: method pause() [javac] location: variable timeRun of type Timer

    [javac] symbol: method resume() [javac] location: variable timeRun of type Timer



    and the idea for fix it for SDN?:

    private Timer timeRun;
    public Woodcutter(){ //Updated with another Variant because it was Overriden the oder methods or sow..
        timeRun = new Timer();
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