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    started playing again after some years off due to the switched to rs3. I decided to bot some boring parts. is it just me or have bots gone backwards in usability? every script I have tried wants to put a status bar on the dialog box, remove the ability for you to control screen movement, and you can't click while running. used to I would bot while afking and still interact, so never got banned. near maxed on a dungeoneering bot doing this. I could talk to people, throw in my own clicks, and rotate the screen for more human views vs what the bot would occasionally do. this made it much harder to predict because the randomness and I liked talking while botting.

    just seems odd they aren't built for full screen with a transparent gui on the top. Much less the ability to talk or click while running. almost reminds me of the old bots that clicked based on color of monster and would do minimal movements.

    idk if it is just me, but the bot just seems so unnatural and not user friendly. I just want to watch vids and not have to pause to talk or fix click. Think the client and the way scripts work could be fixed. if it is the scripts only, then does anyone have any advice on one I can interact while running? Maybe I am missing a setting that could fix for this. it is near perfect, but bad for those who main char bot. 

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    You can turn off input blocking while running a script to do whatever you want. You can even unblock the keyboard to talk to players while the bot has control of the mouse. It's the mouse icon next to the settings icon, right-click it for individual options.

    If that's not what you meant, then why not talk to the scripter and give them some feedback for improving their script?

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    In my opinion bots have (very clearly honestly) come pretty far and are honestly the best I've ever seen them.

    No bot I have seen has been designed to let a person click where they want and interrupt the flow of the script, sounds to me like what you were doing was interrupting and the bot was good enough to recover. Ideally you shouldnt be clicking around while a script is doing its thing.....

    If you want to just chat with people.. you can disable script paints and do just that, but honestly what ur doing is not what most of us use Dreambot for.

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    You can enable / disable mouse and keyboard input here: 


    You can disable paint here:


    Edit - To disable paint you will need developer mode enabled. This can be found in the client settings menu (the two wrenches in the bottom right corner)

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