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    I would love to see a "profiles" section on the breaks page, so that I can easily apply different break schedules to different clients on the same machine. Would this be a feature that could be easily implemented? Or is there a way to do this now without a VPS? 



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    I thought of this several times in the past.
    This should be easy enough to implement ( I'm a programmer )

    It would be good to see this feature in DB as its sorely needed.


    For now you can use an automation tool such as Bun Automation which supports Timed Actions such as Account Swap and Breaks etc to do the same thing!

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    So for the Devs:

    class Break // Just an Example
    Time start; 
    Time end;
    class BreakInfo // Literally this is an old style struct but just use a class. You could have a constructor which just takes in "Name" and a Break;
    string name 
    Break break
    Dictionary<string,BreakInfo>() breaks; // You could store the Break with a Key of the Breaks name ( set by the user in the GUI ) or as an ID number generated when the user inputs a new Break profile
    // You could store the current break as a BreakInfo reference or just a break  
    BreakInfo currentBreak;
    Break currentBreak;


    The advantage of storing the Dictionary KeyValuePair is that you wont need to lookup the Break by Key in the Dictionary but seeing as looking up a key is actually a O(1) operation so it will always take.. eg 14 Nanoseconds no matter how big the dictionary gets, its not really an issue. Obviously the look up time negligible for a single use case like looking up break profiles once in a while ( whenever the user clicks ) but if it was for something running thousands of times a frame you'd obviously want to store the reference to BreakInfo itself.



    Devs HMU if you want a prototype break system. I could probably write one very quickly that is fully featured and has per account and per profile break settings.

    I do stuff in C# but you can easily re syntax it. I would just leave out the GUI calls and place comments where they should be.



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