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  • can 2FA cross over to cilent?


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    as well as the site? because it gives me the too many cilent has been open error a lot when i only have 2 opened

    *edit* weird...it mistyped >.>


    hmm...seems like its actually a script thing...not a cilent thing..haha...mybad...case closed folks nothing to see here. go home 

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    • 1 month later...

    actually, can someone reopen this idea? i'd feel better knowing someone can't just use the login i use and just spam thus making my account look bad. 

    ahh nvm, im just being paranoid. 

    actually forget that, it'll be even cooler to have generate random list button in the account management section so you can copy and paste it when making new accounts. that'll be cool id go for that one 

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    • 2 months later...

    What on earth are you talking to yourself about?

    Are you trying to request that DreamBot implements 2FA on the Forum & Client?

    I personally feel that 2FA is overkill for a tool used to automate an online game, and it's implementation will bring an additional administrative burden to the site admins when users inevitably lose their 2fa devices/keys.

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    would be a neat option to have though is all im saying, like if they had extra extra free time but yeah its not needed. should be used by those who wont lose their devices so Admins wont have to keep track or generate the recovery keys. 

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