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  • [help]Banned on 10 bots(10 different proxies) all at once


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    hello, this is my first time botting in a while and I wanted to give it a try. So I wanted to make sure I looked for the safest approach. I woke up one morning and all 10 accounts were banned, 5 of them were not even logged in during the time of ban. It almost seemed like I got chained banned, but I'm not sure how that would be possible given the steps I took? Here is a playthrough of what I did, If anything sticks out of the ordinary I would appreciate the feedback

    1.I made 10 accounts with 10 different proxies(static residential isp)

    2.used proxifier to create accounts with correct proxy assigned to each bot. 

    3. refreshed all cookies before creating next account

    4. assigned each proxy to to each bot on client setup

    5. used vps to log into 5 bots(all 10 bots done with tutorial island, 5 on reserve since my vps couldnt run all 10)

    6. setup breaks (break1 15-30min break every hour or so) (break2 lunchtime around 12 for hourish) (break3 nighttime 8hour break)

    7. used sub builder premium script for all 10 bots

    8. ran bots on f2p for 8 hours for about 2 days then swapped 5 bots to members, all banned next morning


    if there's anything I did wrong please let me know, I want to try and get better and I'm sure there's much too learn, thanks!


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    You definitely got chained, it's been happening a lot recently.

    I'd suggest only botting 1-2 accounts until you get a feel for ban rates, then scale up. That way if you get banned, losses are minimal. I'm currently in this process as well.

    If one thing gets you banned quick - scrap it, move on, and try something else.

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    yeah I got a little carried away with the amount of bots especially being new at this lol. Thanks for the feedback, will take note.

    Edited by cchris02
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