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  • Looking For Venezuelan Workers - Paying Well!


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    Now Hiring!


    Hello, I am looking Venezuelans who are looking to work long term for me.

    I will pay well and am looking to create a team that is willing to build accounts. You will be paid after every skill thresh mark is hit. 

    Work when you want, when you can or work full time with me. I look forward to meeting you. Pay is also negotiable. 


    My discord is: Robbiey#2872

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    1 hour ago, OG Botter said:

    I'm from UK that mean i can't be hired ?

    I'm looking for people who can grind accounts to certain levels to sell. If I pay you compared to Venezuelans, I would eventually lose money, making you receive less funds in return. I'm trying to make money and give money to people who need it. Venezuela's currency is much more different than ours.  Paying you $0.25 an hour would be horrid on your end, however in Venezuela, it is a fantastic pay when you convert it over to their currency. So, the average hourly rate in Venezuela, according to google, is 760 VES which is equivalent to less than a penny in USD. This means that paying them $0.25/hr would both make us money. 


    Sorry for the long response. I'm trying to be as transparent as I can. 

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    So you want your own sweat shop ? lol 

    Nah, only joking - guess i understand.

    Still isn't it my choice if i decide to work for those rates? 

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    9 hours ago, OG Botter said:

    So you want your own sweat shop ? lol 

    Nah, only joking - guess i understand.

    Still isn't it my choice if i decide to work for those rates? 

    It absolutely is your choice! If you are interested, we can communicate via discord. And no, it wouldn’t be a sweat shop. $0.25/hr converted to VES is about 300% more than any job you could get in Venezuela. Plus anyone who I hire can choose when and how long they want to work. Performance reviews would be reviewed every month. $0.25/hr is just an example but that could go up to $1/hr depending on their experience of OSRS. 
    I absolutely will not make people work when they can’t. Absolutely anyone can negotiate pay with me if need be. 

    Again, this is not going to be a sweat shop. This will be a career that will be for the long term benefiting both parties. 

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    Hi, me and a few friends from argentina could help you. This is our plan :)

    We will manually create 500 accounts, pass tutorial island , grind a few levels ( random skills, up to 100 total level )  and complete quests to get 10 points in order to get the perfect starting bot accounts for a bot farm. Each account will have 20+ game hours and will be trade unlocked. 

    We will also add a few friends and chat for extra safety. This will be made for each account.

    (Network safety: 3 different home ips, divided into 6 devices [ laptops-pc-a few on mobile devices to throw off the anti bot system ] ) 

    The passwords and e-mails of each account would be sent in a txt. File including passwords for each one of the mails. ( Outlook ) 


    The delivery time would be 45 days to a month. 

    Cost for all accounts:  1500 M gp or 500 usdt/usdc 

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