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    I'm looking for any botting oriented tutorials specifically regarding Kubernetes or other cloud based services such as AWS. If anyone is using Kubernetes, could you please share any information you deem relevant and helpful?

    Many thanks!




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    2 hours ago, nocheatingcsg said:

    What specific questions are you looking for to be answered? I might be able to answer some of those.

    Thanks - at this point I'm just researching and looking to explore my options. My main questions at this point are:

    1) What's your opinion when using GCP vs AWS? I've been leaning more towards GCP after looking into it a little

    2) Do you think it's possible to automate the entire process from start to finish only using Kubernetes? For example a script to create accounts, another to complete tutorial island

    3) Are there any pointers or tips you could give that might help during the process (i.e., installation, bot client settings?) I've seen some info from a couple of other posts but anything is welcome


    I'd really appreciate any information at the moment. I'm not really looking to make money on this, but I would like to eventually have a constant automatic supply of tutorial island completed bots, for example. Would be super useful for testing my scripts.

    Thanks again



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    Coincidentally, I'm actually doing something similar at the moment

    1. No preference/opinion
    2. 100%
    3. Start by creating what you want to do without Kubernetes. If and when it works you should be able to migrate to kubectl quite easy.


    Look into bypassing/solving captchas, browser automation tools maybe?


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    • 3 months later...

    AWS is better than GCP, to my mind, because it’s more flexible, and it’s easier to get a tailored cloud solution for it. More people can help you build an entire architecture fast and cheaply.
    But there are also other services that can offer you cloud storage for even less money. I am talking about websites like Fastupload.io. They are less known, but they still offer unlimited storage, fast upload, and sharing option. It might be even better than other more famous services because they are cheaper and way less complicated. I think you can use it for bots too.

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