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  • I got scammed by a scripter for a private script


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    If you go through this and look this is my conversation with him with many deleted messages from his side. I also have the blockchain address. He deleted where he told me to send it to. Why would I send it to a random bitcoin address when I am paying him and say that I paid him like he said in his private script forum. I do not know what phishing links are and what they do and he said I posted them all over his server which I did not. Please have a thorough look into this scammer as he scammed out of $1300 dollars. In the discord images it looks like I am talking to myself from his deleted messages. He says on his page that I tried to send it to fake address when I showed that on the blockchain in the specific forum that the transaction went through. Why coincidentally on the screenshots above does it not show his bitcoin address for no reason when I asked him to send by bitcoin. Also, it is very very obvious that he deleted messages to fit what he wants to say as some parts of the chats looks like I am talking to myself but I am talking to him. I fully trusted him as the user and scripter Defiled recommended him in his own discord server which I did go and do. Another user in defiled server had a bad encounter with him but he got refunded.



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