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    Hello, my launcher keeps crashing, I have seen the post just below me titled the same thing, I have looked at https://dreambot.org/guides/ located within it, tried everything including jar fix, only thing that fixes my launcher is restarting my pc, and then when i close it, it has the same issue opening, it always crashes, any ideas?


    Windows 10 64bit

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    The issue has been resolved.
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    Super odd issue, any errors being thrown anywhere?  At a glance something might be borked with your Java installation, might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling.

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    no, in fact I was reading more posts, saw about cache and logs, so I deleted all logs, and cache, still doing same issue, and not leaving any log unless I restart pc, then it only logs into my username and stops there, the proxies i got from the sponsor you guys have isn't working to let me make any accounts, but that is another issue, i plan to contact them after this haha...  so it must be crashing before logs register? I used to make plugins for Minecraft, so I am somewhat familiar with Java, so naturally I thought it was a version issue, or an issue with java, and investigated that issue before posting, I am personally at a loss lol...



    NOTE: I did reinstall java overriding it, and still no go




    not sure what I exactly did, or why it effected it, I deleted and reinstalled java, and it didn't help, so my pc has been asking for some time to upgrade from win10 to win11, so I finally upgraded it, now it works every time without an issue.

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    • Godlikewarz changed the title to (Fixed) Launcher Crashing (different issue)
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    I had the same issue with the Minecraft launcher. I tried to reinstall it several times, but it didn’t help. Then I’ve decided to update my Windows version from 8.1 to 10. That did not help either; the issue was just the same.  I asked for advice from more experienced players, and they told me that it might be the problem with the minecraft servers I used. I changed the server, and I helped. Thankfully, many more servers were on the list, and I had something to choose from. I wanted a server with Vanilla or Survival mode and also that they have Jungle biome.

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