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    OSRS Botting Coach Service
    About me
    I am opening a one on one botting coaching service for people who want to learn botting in an efficient way and make money.
    I have 7 years of botting experience operating small and larger scale farms making tens of billions of gold in revenue.
    You can learn several years of botting experience while saving thousands of dollars of trial and error in a couple of days/weeks.
    Who is this for?
    This is for people who are either completely new to botting or are beginner botters.
    Mithril Package - 50$
    Free support for 2 week.
    Suitable for small farms with a small budget.
    People who just want to try out botting or make some pocket money.
    -Learn the basics of botting - How to set up a bot client, how should you bot, which bot client to choose etc
    -Setting up the bot client with scripts.
    -Where to get and how to set up a VPS with Windows or Linux on it.
    -Where to get proxies.
    -Minimal knowledge of Runescape. (Optional)
    -You can always research stuff but it would be good to have.
    -At least 50-100$, depending on what you want to do.
    -Few hours per day of your time.
    Adamant Package - 80$
    Everything from the previous package is included.
    Free support for 4 weeks.
    Suitable for medium sized farms and bigger budget. (50+ bots)
    This package is for people who want to farm RS on a bigger scale and want to earn 3-4 figure monthly income with it.
    -Advanced botting knowledge - Setting up the farm on a bigger scale, script recommendations,
    botting with legit RS clients like Runelite or OpenOSRS which often minimizes ban, setting up break profiles, muling practices,
    finding good gold per hour or hidden methods, how to get unbanned from a ban, how to sell your gold more expensive and more.
    -How to partially automate your bots
    -Where to rent the cheap good quality Dedicated Servers and how to set them up.
    -Where to get cheap Datacenter or Residential proxies.
    -Benefits of Private Scripts and how to find a good scripter
    -Red flags of private scripting and what type of scripter to avoid.
    -Where to get any type of RS accounts for your botting needs with all the skills and quests that you need for cheap
    -This means you can instantly start farming and you don’t have to spend time creating and training accounts yourself.
    -How to scout gold farming methods based on Grand Exchange analysis or from other botters.
    -Decent knowledge of the game from mid to endgame.
    -At least 500-1000$+ its kind of impossible to say how much you will need because
    it depends what you are going to bot and also on luck too but definitely prepare for investing from hundreds to thousands of dollars
    -Be prepared that private scripts can cost anywhere from 100-1000$, it depends on the method and the scripter.
    -For example a lumbridge woodcutter that only cuts regular trees and banks would only cost like 50$ but something like Zulrah will definitely cost 1000$+
    -Several hours per week, again it depends on several factors but prepare to invest at least 3-4+ hours per day, at least in the beginning.
    Rune Package - 150$
    Everything from the previous package is included.
    Free support for 6 weeks.
    Suitable for large sized farms with a big budget. (hundreds of bots)
    This package is for serious botters who want to earn big time income (4-5 figure per month.).
    Here I will share everything I know of botting.
    -How to automate the whole farm with you only requiring minimal effort to invest.
    -I will show you how to get a trustable manager who will manage the whole farm for you from managing the spreadsheet,
    setting up and starting bots,
    finding new gold farming methods to muling gold or even selling the gold for you.
    -Where to rent the cheapest and best quality Dedicated Servers that can handle several hundreds of bots and how to set them up
    -Literally the hosting that I will show you is one of the cheapest and best quality hosting in the world, most of their servers are 2-3 times cheaper than all other hosts.
    -You will get an Advanced Google spreadsheet that is suitable for tracking everything from accounts to proxies, revenue, expenses and other things.
    -Where to find scripters that are much cheaper than the competition.
    -I will share gold farming methods that worked for me before.
    -Botting on the mobile client which can further minimize bans.
    -Botting mid-high level methods vs suicide botting.
    -Experimental knowledge of mine that could help in minimizing bans.
    -This tier potentially requires as much time as a real job but if you hire a manager which I can show you then you will only need a few hours maximum per day.
    -Really good knowledge of the game or at least your manager has to know it
    -As always this is not a script requirement people can always learn it but it makes everything much easier when someone just knows it.
    -This tier requires potentially thousands or even tens of thousands of investment, again it depends on several factors, your luck etc.
    You might ask why buy these coaching plans from me,
    why not just research everything yourself since it's true that there are a lot of free information out there nowadays.
    That is true but everything that I teach here requires months or even years of researching,
    trial and error and potentially wasting thousands of dollars which could be saved with all this information.
    Just because there are a lot of free information out there you still have to find out a lot of things yourself.
    Important information & Tos
    Must read!
    I will explain what you will get from this service and what you will not.
    -I know this should be obvious but all of the coaching is confidential and you cannot share anything without my consent.
    -I want to be completely transparent and honest with you, botting can be and is a big gamble,
    it is not much more different than investing in crypto or going to the casino, therefore I can't guarantee you that you will definitely make money with it
    -Most botters are losing money on their botting journey because they are either not doing it right or they are just really unlucky.
    -This is how you should look at it, no matter what you do or how you do it, you can only control 50% of the whole thing,
    the other 50% are Jagex, unforeseen events like being scammed or a gold farming method not working out even though it seemed like it will
    -Trust me, anybody who makes 100% guarantees in botting are either lying or they don't know what they are talking about and for the moment they are just being lucky with methods and bans.
    -I can't and nobody else can guarantee you that you will not get banned.
    There are people in the botting community who might act like they know everything and they figured out the entire ban system,
    again it's a big lie and people are just being arrogant. Nobody knows how the ban system works for 100% unless you work on the Jagex anti-cheat team.
    Rule of thumb is never bot on an account that you can't afford to lose.
    -I will not find you gold farming methods, you have to find those and try them out with the information I give.
    -I can’t guarantee that every single information that I will share is up to date or will always be up to date since I recently stopped botting and things can quickly change in the botting world and what worked before might not work now
    -This shouldn’t discourage you because the majority of my knowledge always worked out for me, it's just that there will be a learning curve or some trial and error.
    -For now the prices and free support time are subject to change based on the demand.
    By acquiring my services you automatically agree with everything I said here.
    Contact and payment
    Discord: XauGold#5637
    Payment is in Crypto or OSRS Gold.
    Proof or vouches
    For now I can only share my vouch topic as proof, 99% of the gold sold there was from botting from my own farms.
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